10 Signs To Let You Know That She/He Loves You

There are many signs which can let us know that someone is really into us/loves us, including the following:

1- If he/she never likes to spend a day without contacting you.

2-If  he/she misses you.

3- If he/she tries his/her best to be with you.

4- If he/she tries to talk to you even during her/his busiest times.

5- If he/she considers letting you meet up with his/her friends and family.

6-If he/she loves to share his/her favorite songs/interests with you.

7- If he/she loves to listen to your stories.

8-If he/she hugs you for more than 5 seconds – according to psychology.

9-If he/she finds it hard to sleep sometimes.

10- If you dream about him/her , but you have to differentiate between the dreams that occur because of your obsessions/thoughts & those which are randomly seen.

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