100 Men Who Give A Damn are Making a Big Difference

A new idea in fundraising is sweeping the country, and it is creating a big stir. Its main goal is to help local not for profit and community service organizations by collecting as much money as possible. That means no administration costs, no bank account and no extra expenses. This may sound off the wall, but it’s working. Who has made this formula such a success? “100 Men Who give a Damn”, that’s who!

The way 100 Men Who Give a Damn works is quite simple. The men each agree to donate $100 to a local not for profit group who can use the help. At their meetings, three of these charities each give a short, five minute presentation about who they are, what they do and why they need the help. The men then vote, and the winner gets the cash. It’s as simple as that.

The meetings are “officially” one hour long, with time before and after for socializing, should anyone wish to do so. Anyone who can’t make the meeting can send their cheque along with a friend who’ll be in attendance, or they can drop it off at a drop box. It’s simple, easy, and quick. While the name of the group may be “100 Men Who Give a Damn”, more are always welcome, as the more people who come out and give, the bigger the impact will be!

The groups who will be considered for support are nominated by the members, and must meet certain criteria. Once they have been screened, three are randomly selected to give their pitch at the next gathering. Charities who have received a donation are asked to update at the next meeting so the members will know how their funds have been put to use.

There are “100 Men” and “100 Women” groups in many communities, so why not find out if there is one in yours and step up to help others. If there isn’t one, why not gather a group of your friends and colleagues and start one yourselves? It’s fun and can make a really big impact for those in need in your community!

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