100 thousand dollar whiskey stolen

Two of the distilleries in the Frankfort, Kentucky called the Buffalo Trace distillery an Wild Turley Whisky had nine thieves that had two of them work at Buffalo Trace, one worked at Wild Turkey. They ere all members of a crime syndicate, It has been known since they found the two companies found barrels of alcohol behind a shed. 

There was so much that prosecutors think that the thieves were part of a crime syndicate as the amount of alcohol stolen was worth a hundred thousand dollars. They didn’t just steal the ten bottle of alcohol. They stole such greatly known among drinkers which most probably could not afford a barrel of Pappy Van Winkle. much less many barrels of it.

Franklin County Commonwealth’s Attorney Larry Cleveland said the bunch of alcohol was, “more than I could imagine one person drinking in a lifetime.”

I think personal if they were a crime syndicate then they were going to sell it for a lot more. They probably couldn’t afford a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle  a bottle hone up to a thousand dollars a bottle The crime syndicate could het a fortune for the hundred thousand they stole. 

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