$1,000 in Two Weeks: Here I Come

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I’m a little behind on where I need to be financially right now. This was a rough week with my son getting so sick. I’m happy to report he is a lot better. He hasn’t had a fever since Monday and the blisters from the disease he had are starting to clear up. I’ll be happy when they are gone completely because they look SO uncomfortable and I hate not being able to do anything about it.

I need to make $850 in the next two weeks and my goal is to make $1,000 to have a little extra spending money. Unfortunately, that means I won’t have a lot of extra time for Writedge and Daily Two Cents. The problem with doing a lot on these sites at the end of the month is the payday. I love the sites and would never stop using them. But, all my bills this month are due between the 3rd and the 5th. So, a payday on the 10th doesn’t help me much.

Setting myself up a schedule to get these articles going and make some cash. Hope this week goes well for me. 

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