15 Reasons to Write on Daily Two Cents

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Daily Two Cents has been around for just over a year now and we’ve seen a lot of growth and a lot of changes.  New writers have joined up and the site is really starting to gain some popularity.  Why though?  Should YOU be writing here if you already aren’t?  Maybe you should. 🙂

Here are 15 reasons why you should write on Daily Two Cents:

Harlow-McGaw Media Logo 250x2501. Me and Michelle!  Ok – I have to get this out there right away.  I think Michelle and I do a great job of supporting our writers.  When they have questions we are there – and a lot of the time it is way outside our business hours.  We answer private messages, questions in the forum and the Facebook Group, emails – all within a reasonable period of time.  Personally, when I wrote for other sites, the support and respect that writers received was a big thing to me.  If it is a big thing to you, too, then join us and I’m sure you’ll find that we really do put our writers first.

2. Pleasing/mobile friendly format.  We just took a major leap and changed the layout and theme of the site.  The overall consensus is that people like it.  Most importantly it’s mobile friendly, which is a really huge deal considering the update that Google is about to implement.  The fact is that sites that are not mobile friendly just won’t enjoy good placements in the search engines.  We’ve taken the steps to be sure that our site is now completely mobile compatible and has good navigation for readers and for users.

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3. Make money. Of course, we know that you love writing – but why write for free when you can make some money?  On Daily Two Cents you have several ways to make money. You can use your own Adsense code to earn money from clicks on ads in your post.  Your ads will appear 75% of the time on the ads at the top and bottom of the post.  Also, you can make additional earnings by using affiliate links.  You can have one link if  your post is 200 words and a second link if your post is 400 words or more.  So, if you wrote about a book you are reading, why not include an affiliate link to the book on Amazon? Remember that if someone clicks on an Amazon link, you get credit for anything they buy in the next 24 hours! You can also use other affiliate programs, like ShareASale.

4. Front end publisher.  Don’t like WordPress?  That’s fine.  We know that not everyone is comfortable with it.  That’s why we took action and went to work last month to find a way to make it so that you can easily add pennies through the front end publisher.  It has the most important features like being able to choose categories, add pictures, add tags so that your post can be found by search engines and add an excerpt to be included in search engine results and on social media.  But there’s nothing you don’t need.  There’s no menu on the side or extra things that you might not want to deal with.  Want a simplified way to add a penny on Daily Two Cents?  Just go to the navigation menu at the top of the site, hover over Profile, and click on Add a Post. I am using the front end publisher to write this post right now!

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5. Community.  We are building up a great community on Facebook. We have a support group and a share group where you can get support, ask questions, help others out, and get more exposure to your work.  The people who write on this site are pretty awesome.

6. Amazing profile pages.  Have you checked out the profile pages of our writers?  If you haven’t, you should.  Just click on my name at the top of this post to see what it looks like. Writers get their own page where they can add a beautiful header image, show off their latest posts, tell readers about them, and more. 

7. Hangout. Want to see what is being posted on the site?  How about ask a question or offer some inspiration or share a quick tip?  The Hangout is the place to do that. Only users of the site can post in the Hangout but it is visible to everyone. It makes Daily Two Cents a social media site in the true sense of the word.

8. The Learning Center.  We wanted to make it as easy as possible for writers to get answers to their questions.  So, we created the Learning Center.  Don’t see your question answered already?  Click on the Submit a Question link in the menu.

9. Good search engine optimization.  Too many sites don’t realize how important it is to make sure that the code of the site is set up for good search engine optimization.  We do.  We’ve put a lot of work into it. As a result, pennies get indexed almost immediately.  Not to brag or anything but…ya, the search engines do love us. 🙂

10. Write short posts.  If your topic only needs 200 words of content that’s fine.  You can write as little as 200 words here.  Share your quick thoughts on a TV show or movie you just watched.  Have a rant about politics.  Share a quick and funny story.  It’s easy. Of course, you can write much longer posts than that!  Look at this one. LOL

11. Book review module.  If you like to write book reviews (or any product review really) use the book review module to add a picture of the book and relevant info and then link to it on Amazon. It will highlight the book at the top of your post in nice box that stands out.

12. Recipe module.  People love recipes.  If you’re willing to share your original recipe, make it look amazing with our recipe module.

13. Add polls.  Polls get people actively engaged in your pennies.  They are also good for sharing.  Use the Wedgies to ask a question and get feedback from your readers.

14. Learn. We appreciate that many writers who come to us are new. If you want to learn about keywords, social media, and other means of making more money from your writing or improving your writing, this is the community to belong to.  We often write in-depth posts on our blog (link in the navigation menu at the top of the site) to help our readers.

15. The newsletter.  We have a newsletter with over 900 subscribers.  We send out the most critical updates through this newsletter (in addition to putting them on the blog, the Facebook Group, and the forum) so that you get them right in your email.  We also provide useful tips and sometimes we even give stuff away. Writers who are not already signed up for the newsletter can do so here: http://eepurl.com/U2sNH

So, do you like what you’ve read so far?  Are you ready to sign up and get writing?  Just go to the top of the page and click the Register link and you’ll be on your way!

Thanks for reading. If you know someone who should know about our site please share this with them.  🙂

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