2 Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Bakers

Are you struggling to find a Christmas gift for a loved one? It could be a friend or family member. Sometimes jewelry just isn’t personal enough. Books can be great fallbacks, but you want something that the recipient is going to love.

If you know a home baker, there are lots of Christmas gift ideas. Here are two that are perfect gifts. We got one of these last year for my sister-in-law and she absolutely loved it as soon as she saw it. The best thing is that you show you know what someone is really interested in.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

2 Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Bakers

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Trying to beat eggs or make batter gets tiring for home bakers, especially younger ones. It takes time to get the perfect cake mix or to get the egg whites to look just right; and they need to be perfect to make sure the food turns out as it should.

Why not opt for the KitchenAid Stand Mixer, so your home baker doesn’t need to tire his or her arm out? It comes in a variety of colors, so you can find something that speaks to the person’s personality or a kitchen style that he or she may prefer.

The stainless steel bowl holds 5qt. and has a handle to make it very easy to grab and pour. I’ve got a few bowls that would benefit from handles when pouring mixtures! The material is also light enough for smaller hands to pick up and pour. The power on the machine is enough to knead bread dough. There’s not going to be anything you can’t make. On top of that, the bowl is dishwasher safe so you don’t even have to worry about the washing up afterwards.

The majority of Amazon reviewers have marked this as either a four- or five-star product. There are some complaints about a wobbly head, but this is fixable. One user complained of it not having enough power, but she never said what she was using it for or how often she used it. This is the perfect gift for hobbyist home bakers.

Wilton Dessert Decorator Plus

Decorating cookies, cakes and cupcakes is tedious and time consuming. It’s also messy. Wilton tries to help eliminate that with the Dessert Decorator Plus.

2 Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Bakers

Image from Amazon

It’s just like a piping bag, but sturdier and easier for little hands to keep under control. There is a plunger at the top, making it easier to control how much mix comes out. With five different nozzles, there’s plenty of decorations to make.

The whole item is made of plastic, making it easy to clean, and holds just over a cup of icing. You can also use it for filling to make sure it doesn’t go all over your cake or pastry!

There are mixed reviews, but personally I find this great for hobbyist bakers. It is hand-washed rather than with a dishwasher. Some of the reviews I’ve found say not to put it in the dishwasher because it doesn’t last.

The best part of this that some people find is that the tub is clear. You can see just how much icing or filling you have left!

There are some great Christmas gift ideas for home bakers. The two above will help get you started. I love the Decorator Plus, because it really does make cupcakes much easier!

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