2 NBA 2015 Predictions- Atlanta Hawks Face Cleveland Cavaliers

Making NBA 2015 predictions is almost second nature for basketball fans. No one really knows what the final outcome of this season will be but it’s certainly fun to guess.



LeBron James has offended his own share of basketball fans and yet, he attracts them to his playing even when they disagree with the choices that he makes. The 2015 Eastern Conference finals are sure to be exciting with LeBron. The Cavaliers will be a challenge for the Hawks.


Here are two predictions for this year’s NBA:

NBA 2015 Predictions #1
LeBron will add at least 30 points to his team in every game. LeBron James is a talented player and he’s grown in experience. At the end of this season he will be even better and the Cavaliers will benefit from his growth.

NBA 2015 Predictions #2

It will be a win for the Cavaliers. Now, I don’t think you should risk your grocery money on that but in my estimation, odds are that the Cavaliers will emerge the victors in this NBA 2015 season. Best of luck to both teams!

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