2015 Fall BeautyTrends That Work for Older Women

Fall Beauty Trends that Work for Older Women

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This fall’s 2015 beauty trends are diverse and kind of exciting: Bold eyeliner, rosy cheeks, red or natural lips and fabulous natural skin. But sometime when you’re a little ‘more mature’ some of these looks can end up making the older woman look a little garish and oftentimes- silly.

Luckily there are some fabulous trends that you can go with, if you want to stay in with the current fall fashion look. And the  2015 fall beauty trends that work for older women are the best ones.

Eyeliner is the bomb

 You  may find  a few of the eyeliner trends are definitely not for you- they are showing graphic bars of colour in wide stripes or bars on the eyelid- and in white, black, navy and colours like bright pink. Or how about the scribbles on the eyelid or a star at the end of the eye instead of a cat eye wing? These are the bizarre, or fun, (whichever way you want to look at it) eyeliner trends that may be a stretch to compliment even the younger woman.  However, the fall trends are also all about a softer smokey eye and rimmed-with-liner (black or charcoal or dark taupe)eyes that will  still look classic.

It is all about the eyeliner though, so if you don’t normally wear it, you may want to give it a try. There are so many fabulous and classic ones that are either waterproof or just stay on forever. Experiment, but stay away from that wide graphic colour bar- it’s not the best look for the older woman.

In the shadows

Bronze, gold and even silver shadows are showing this season, either on the lower part of the lid or contoured over the whole lid. Bronze is a wonderful warm shade that can be blended on the outer edge of the eye for the older woman. A bronze shadow  with a bit of a pink tone for cool skinned women is flattering. Gold may not look as becoming unless it’s blended well and not too yellow-y. It will look best on a warm-skinned woman.

Silver can also be a little stark but looks excellent on a cool-skinned woman when not too intense. Gorgeous taupes and greys are also big this season and can impart both a soft and sultry effect.

Be sure to study and practice the best ways to put on shadows for a great look, concentrating on the outer edges of the eye in a wing shape. More subdued eyeshadow works best with the older woman, so blending and keeping it soft and not too shiny are of prime importance.

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Feeling Flushed

If you loved the retro rosy apple-cheeks from the past the look is back. And it aims to appear like you’re just in from a brisk walk. Warm pink and peach/pinks are the natural look you’re looking for and this professional Mac blusher will do the trick. A  slight under glow from translucent foundation will work best for this look.Be sure to apply on the apples of the cheeks and brush lightly back to the hairline. And as a bonus, this fresh-from-a-winter-walk flush not only is in for this Fall but it will also adds a youthful appearance to more mature cheeks.

Red lips  or nothing

Red lips in cranberry, cherry, poppy and all the berry shades right up to plum black is in this season. A pressed red stain, that is ultra light as well as a nude lip look, is also still around from other seasons.The classic mature woman would want to stay in the red range to plum but should stay away from the gothic extremely dark shades or the barely there. These last two trends will not be flattering and are either too extreme or too nothing for older girls.

It’s nice to know that even as we get older we can still be up on fashion trends. And it’s simple, if you know which looks suit you and which looks will still keep it classic and flattering.






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