Free Game Apps Are Rubbish On A Kindle Fire

pixolga / Pixabay

I recently got a new Kindle Fire, I had heard they were good so I thought I would give it a try. I was not disappointed, it is a great little machine that I can do a lot with. Especially reading. Although one thing I did notice was is that the free games, on the kindle Appstore are actually rubbish. I didn’t buy it to play games on so it doesn’t bother me to much, but you would have thought they would offer at least something half decent. I tried all the old classics hoping to find a good game to play but found nothing. I tried Sonic but that was terrible, nothing like the old games.

Mario, that was just as bad. Football manager games, racing car games and Sim City. No joy, they were all terrible. Sim City was the worse, gone are the days of creating for yourself. Now you just keep doing what they tell you to do, rather than have the choice to build where you want. These games are terrible and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, they are much better on a standard modern phone or tablet. The Amazon Appstore free games are just plain bad. I don’t no what the games are like if paid for, but I would hope they are much better.

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