Bubblews writing site kept our money

How sad that a site like Bubblews has gone under but in turn have our earnings with it.

There were lots of loyal writers who stayed with site even after the payments stopped coming. Still they kept writing and submitting content. The loyal writers weren’t submitting just any content either. The very valuable content as well written as it was, kept readers coming to their posts. But loyal writer or not; there are many stories that were posted before Bubblews stopped paying. Some were only pennies away from cashing out, others-twenty dollars or so. No matter what was in our bank at the time of shut down, I feel we all should have been compensated for our work and paid in full.
I myself was only less twenty bucks from cashing out.

Truly the economical fail of the site doesn’t warrant that kind of rudeness toward its writers. All that was received was an “I’m sorry but we are gone” note upon each sign in. No word on how to get our owned content and pictures or here is your payment for fund that were in your account.
I myself would like all my content plus my payment. There are other places where I can post my pictures and content. Whereas
before, I couldn’t use my content because it was published online through Bubblews. Now I still can’t because Bubblews has cleared everything from everywhere as if the FEDS were coming and they had to clear out while taking our content with them.

This is no way to treat people who at least made you a handsome chunk of change while you were around. Surely they haven’t spent it all. Even if so, that has nothing to do with me.

Regardless how anyone feels about this post, I feel it’s more than fair to ask for my content and payment back Bubblews owners.

Featured image source: Pixabay

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