Fun Roblox Games: Traitor Town

It’s honestly a must to play this fun game on Roblox, and the name of the game is Traitor Town. This game is presently in beta version but still plays very easily. In every lobby of players you spawn on a map. While you’re spawned inside the map you scavenge for weapons and other weaponry to utilize. After approximately twenty or so seconds you suddenly get a team, and it either says innocent or traitor. Two of the eight players in the lobby get a label referred to as traitor, while the other six players get a label known as innocent. Not a single of the innocent can tell who the traitors are, and it is up for them to decide who they take down. The intention of the game is for the innocents to discover who the traitors are and exterminate them. Then the traitor’s aim is to exterminate all the innocents. You are able to have an idea who’s the traitor via how they act, and it is pretty amusing to watch, or better yet, play this game when in the action packed battle field. Read below to learn more about this fun Roblox Games.


This fun Roblox games, called Traitor Town, currently consists of four different multiplayer maps to play on. On top of that it has several different primary weapons that you can pick up during game play of the game as well. Not just that, but this game also has several different secondary weapons to choose from making it just so much more intense on the field of battle. In addition, there are even throw able weapons that add a unique aspect to the game. There are even one versus one game modes that are fun to sometimes play, and even lobby’s that can contain up to sixteen players at the same time! These games get three to four disguised traitors against the rest of the innocent players. Check this game out this fun Roblox games!

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