Christian Marriage Retreats- Five Love Languages In Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Missouri

Christian Marriage Retreats- Five Love Languages In Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Missouri

Christian marriage retreats are Christ centered events that take place all across America, in states like Texas, Florida, California and Georgia. Some are focused on the five love languages, which include words of adoration and quality time. They teach you how to meet your partner’s needs and help them meet your own needs.

The variety of workshops available means that you can always find one to attend that is near to where you live. While seminars are Christ centered, husbands and wives with different religious and spiritual beliefs attend to learn more about building healthier marriages.

Christian Marriage Retreats- Five Love Languages In Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Missouri

Christian Marriage Retreats- Five Love Languages In Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Missouri


Christian Marriage Retreats 2016 – Fireproof My Marriage United Marriage Encounter

Over the years, couples have grown stronger through Christ centered events that equip them with skills they need to weather life’s storms together. offers a United Marriage Encounter that is dedicated to strengthen the union of one man and one woman who are legally married. One of their weekend events was held in Boca Raton, Florida between Friday September 19 and Sunday September 21, 2014. Look out for events in 2016.

An event also took place in Hawaii during the same period. Weekends were held later in the year in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other international destinations. Weekends are focused on helping couples improve their communication and reconsider the plan that God has for their marriage.


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The 5 Love Languages Trailer


Christian Marriage Retreats 2016 – Eagle Family Ministries

Eagle Family Ministries has Making Room for Romance retreats for newlyweds as well as couples that have been together for decades. You can attend their conferences on your own as a couple or schedule one specifically for your church, regardless of where you are located.

A retreat took place during October 3-5 in 2014. The Chateau on the Lake, located in Branson, Missouri was be the venue. Making Room for Romance covers topics like Meaningful Touch, Being Different From Your Spouse is Okay and Red Hot Monogamy. Look out for 2016 events.


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The Hope Weekend for Couples in Distress

The Hope Weekend was developed by Dr. Richard Marks to help couples restore their relationship. This is specifically designed for couples that have poor communication skills or do not know how to show love or respect to their spouse.

Couples learn relationship skills that allow them to more easily develop intimacy in their relationship. Each weekend is led by a professional pastoral team and takes place in Florida on the third weekend of every month.


Christian Marriage Retreats 2016- Communication in Marriage Funny



Winshape Marriage Under Fire Retreat

The Winshape Marriage Under Fire Retreat takes place in Tennessee. Winshape also offers several other retreats that are intended to help safeguard marriages and keep them safe.

The setting at the retreat is designed to help couples grow together as they learn. They have a large team which includes relationship counselors and ministry leaders.


Marriage by Design Couples Retreats

Marriage by Design Couples Retreats are held in Jasper, Arkansas, at the Harmony Mountain Lodge. This secluded area is chosen to give couples the time and space to get away from the distractions of daily life and focus on each other.

You may chose to use the Do Not Disturb sign on your door when you choose, or join other couples for activities such as hiking. One group session takes place at the beginning and then couples have time with each other.


Physical Touch- The Five Love Languages


Hume Lake Fall Marriage Retreat- Hume Lake Wildwood

The Hume Lake Fall Marriage Retreat includes lots of fun and educational activities that are designed to strengthen your marriage. This Hume Lake Wildwood retreat takes place in the mountains and is designed to be a romantic getaway where you can connect with your husband or wife while worshiping God, studying the Bible, enjoying great food and participating in lots of amazing activities.

As the Five Love Languages points out, for some men and women, their chief love language is quality time. Doing activities that you both love together is one way to build connections in a marriage and make your partner feel more loved.

A special use permit allows the Hume Lake Wildwood retreats to operate in the Sequoia National Forest. Couples who attend Hume Lake Wildwood retreats feel like they are at a resort because they are not housed in tents and can enjoy a number of amenities.


Christian Marriage Retreats 2016 – Christian Marriage Retreat – Intensive marriage counseling client testimony – Northwest Montana





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