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Makeup junkies know that half the fun is in the discovery. Today you’ll meet SUVA Beauty, a brand to keep on your radar that offers some seriously cool stuff.

SUVA Beauty is a line created by Shaina Azad, a YouTube beauty guru and makeup artist. SUVA is supplied to both TV and film sets. The 100, Star Trek, and X-Files are just some bullet points of a long, proud client list. Now let’s get to the reason you’re really here – the products!

Neutral Necessity Palette comes with 8 oversized eyeshadow pans that have high pigmentation and a smooth texture. The entire palette is matte, and one of the nicest feeling mattes you’ll find at that – one swipe of these creamy shadows and you’ll see pigment for miles. They don’t skip or fade on the skin, even if you forget to use shadow primer. Neutral Necessity is unique in that while you do receive your standard browns, ivory, and black – you’re also given an insanely beautiful cranberry and a bright peach – such a refreshing tangent from the hundreds of boring, barely-there shades that seem to be flooding the palette market these days.

Hydra Cream Base and Liner are other high-performance products to check out. The bases extend wear time on your shadows but also bump up saturation, giving you the absolute truest color possible. Depending on your skin type, you may need to add a drop or 2 of mixing medium to thin Hydra Cream’s consistency (anyone with dry lids should consider this trick). Hydra Liner can be added on top without disturbing Hydra Base. Grease is an inky black with a creamy formula and intense color. It wears for at least 8 hours without fading but can be easily removed with water and a washcloth.

What have you tried from this line? What kind of looks did you create? As always, send questions, feedback, or photos of your SUVA Beauty looks to [email protected]

Featured image: Pixabay

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