The Barracuda Collapsible Carry-On Is A Great Pull

Barracuda Collapsible Carry-On

Road warriors” make a big deal out of having plenty of pockets in their bag to hold electronics devices, but the real issue is being able to work while traveling. So wouldn’t it make sense if the bag holding all those devices not only pulled its own weight but was actually USABLE as a portable desk/work space? That’s the philosophy behind the Barracuda, the world’s first collapsible carry-on. Actually there’s even more to the name, but let’s start with what’s on the outside.

The Barracuda comes in assorted colors  — red, gold, black, blue, gray and pink. It has a clean and attractive exterior (w/heavy duty zippers), courtesy of waterproofed, lightweight and durable Polycarbonate Ballistic Nylon combined with aircraft grade aluminum. Plus a TSA approved built-in lock. The front zippered compartment is well sized for holding a laptop, etc. and boy is there room inside (36 liters of space). And because it just makes sense, there’s also more than enough space for the “stuff” bag — containing two bags for shoes and a third for dirty laundry.

But looks stop short once you start having to carry it across great distances at an airport or train station or exhibit hall. crossing large halls to get from ticketing to the flight gate at an airport, for example, where ease of carrying is all important. So the Barracuda has a set of wheels for rolling across the floor. So where’s the handle? Waiting to be telescoped out from its interior pocket, is where. But unlike all the other carry-ons, the end of this handle doesn’t terminate rigidly, forcing one to angle the wrist while pulling. Which is often painful. So here we get an ergonomic swiveling ring to clutch: instead of the hand having to rotate, it’s the ring that gets locked into one of 6 positions and takes the abuse away from your hand as the Carry-On moves along.

So let’s say you’re still waiting for your flight, with the Barracuda right there reminding you to get some work done. The handle is still extended but now you pop out the built-in ergonomic tray to not only give you space for your laptop, but room even for that cup of coffee you couldn’t resist buying because the tray has two integrated cup holders. “Hey,” you say — “what’s to stop the Barracuda from tipping over from the weight and pouring the coffee all over the laptop?” The answer is simple physics: the Barracuda is made with a counter balance in mind that keeps it upright on its own.

But since a “road warrior has to have electronics, there’s an exterior compartment containing an included 10,000 mAH battery charger. Use it where it is or take it out as desired.There’s also space inside for the optional location/proximity tracker to keep track of the Barracuda, should it “walk off” on its own (operating via mobile network, not GPS, to make tracking from an connected device like your smartphone simple).

Once you’ve gotten to your destination, take everything out of the Barracuda so you can  hang it in the closet or put it under the bed. Don’t just collapse the handle back inside — collapse the entire Carry-On because it transforms from a rugged hard sided down through a set of clever sections and tabs.

The Barracuda Collapsible Carry-On clocks in at 22” h x 14” w x 9” deep extended and even provides a weight scale to avoid over packing. It retails for $349.99 and includes a storage bag for when it’s not needed.

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