Tackle Sound With Nima Sports’ Bluetooth Speaker Helmet

Nima Sports Bluetooth Speaker Helmet.

Football helmets look good, but now they sound even better. That’s because Nima Sports has decided that it’s better to fill a helmet with electronics than some guys head — giving us the Nima Sports Bluetooth Speaker Helmet. But since sports fans aren’t monolithic, the first thing to note is that the signage on the helmet gets the licensing route by the NCAA so that fans can pick their favorite teams and expect the helmet’s appearance to follow suit (as an example, the LSU logo and colors wrapping around the helmet for said fans). Constructed with a hard polycarbonate shell, that takes care of what you can see looking at the helmet so now we can focus in on what those electronics will let you hear.

The answer is any audio you want — music, audiobooks, whatever audio being is being streamed, is what. Of course that means that the latest Bluetooth is involved (working over a distance of up to 65 feet), as is a smartphone or tablet to take care of sending the audio on its way to the helmet or being the reason why the helmet has an embedded mic for speakerphone use. But turning what the Bluetooth has “grabbed” into sound takes speakers, and it’s here that the Nima Sports Bluetooth Speaker Helmet doesn’t cut corners. So don’t expect there to be some puny speaker residing inside the helmet: it’s a powerful pair of midrange woofers and a downward firing subwoofer living there. Plus an AUX input should you decide to go the wired route and a USB output port for plugging in a phone and giving it some “juice.”

This combination provides a frequency range response (100 HZ – 20 kHZ) wherein what you’re listening to isn’t being constrained — it’s portable sound, to be sure, but really good sound.  Plus you can “tweak” the sound at any time by using the available (free) iOS/Android app and selecting from the 7 band equalization option. Maybe you won’t need it if you always listen in a room, but it’s great to have options should you choose to take the helmet on a road trip or making it part of a tailgate party. Of course you can always select the 7 preset equalization choices that are built into the helmet’s controls, as are the other basic things like turning it on and upping the volume, but where’s the fun in poking a helmet when you can be tapping a touch screen instead?

Now obviously the helmet must have an internal rechargeable battery to run things — here, like the speakers, the battery is not puny either and will work for up to 8 hours or so (YMMV). There’s even a charger added into the packaging so you don’t have to look for one. And should you get two helmets (remember about fans even in a single household not being monolithic?), they can be paired up together to drive a louder and more separated stereo sound.

The Nima Sports Bluetooth Speaker Helmet is fun to listen to, but just as fun to look at (especially if your team is doing good that day). It comes in three sizes and three prices – small/$149, medium/$249 and large/$399 – but regardless of the size it’s a sports fan’s speaker dream.

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