Look And Listen To iHome’s Color Changing Wireless Stereo Speaker

Color Changing Wireless Stereo Speaker

Bluetooth speakers come in different sizes but when it comes to what color they have, it’s usually the single color that you see when looking at it. That’s not what you’ll find in iHome’s Color Changing Wireless Stereo Speaker. The front of this Bluetooth speaker is ready to dazzle — pick from 6 colors because you don’t have to stand for just one. Just download the free app (iOS/Android) and select the color that fits your mood best (examples being blue and green and purple and others), but you can also have it pulse to the music being played or blend from one color to another if you’d like. So that becomes something fun to play with and if you feel like it, you can check the battery level right on the app as well (the rechargeable battery has up to 10 hours of power).  Just make sure to “feed” the battery plenty of juice when you can and get used to the 2-color charging/pairing LED indicator to let you know what is going on.

Probably the biggest difference between this and other speakers is the “Stereo” in the name. Because this has a bigger chassis than most, what that means is that there is enough room for putting a pair of speakers inside. Plus having more interior room allows for the speakers to be farther apart from each other so provides for enough separation between the two for a decent stereo separation. That space also allows for a “Powerbank” feature in which the iHome provides power for charging up a smartphone to be included.

But of course the most important thing is how this speaker sounds, and if you prefer to wire your audio source instead of streaming wirelessly, that’s where the AUX input comes into play. The sound works its way into the world from the top of the speaker, and this allows for a greater volume effect than if it were blasting out from the front. It also holds the midrange well and does a decent job at the bass levels — more than reasonable enough so that what is playing doesn’t sound “tinny” or weak to the ear.

It also makes sense that you’ll end up using this speaker as a speakerphone should a call come in while a playlist is grinding away as it streams over. So iHome builds in digital voice echo cancellation and puts the necessary Talk/End controls right there.

The Color Changing Wireless Stereo Speaker retails for $69.95 and has a lot of good things going for it, from the sound quality that you hear to the colors that you see. Add that it’s splash proof and so can handle being outside under normal and slightly inclement conditions and this is one cool looking speaker, for sure.

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