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Voice Bridge

Don’t think that everybody has given up on their landline phone service and gone completely to cellphones. There are still a lot of people, both in businesses, home offices and otherwise who want to be able to pick up a phone when it’s time to talk to someone. For these people the best solution would be if their cellphone could also take the calls coming in to the landline — then there wouldn’t need to be an answering machine when not at home or closed. Now since cellphones can use WiFi now to make/receive calls when home (through the wireless home network), maybe someone could come up with a way to take the landline and transfer its call to the network. Then the landline call could be “sent” to the cellphone. And it would be even better still if this whole process was seamless to the point that the person on the other end of the landline doesn’t know that there is anything special/different going on about their call. Wait a minute. Isn’t’ that pretty much what the Invoxia’s Voice Bridge does? It sure is.

The Voice Bridge retails for $99.00 and consists of a small device that does two things: connect physically to your landline and connect wirelessly to your WiFi home network. This makes it possible for the free app to sync with it so that your contacts now become available to use (iOS compatible/Android also with some restrictions for now). For practical purposes you can now receive a landline call and take it as normal or instead have it go to your phone and take it there — regardless of where you might be. This also enables using the phone as a “handset” for the landline even if you are right there at home (useful when cell coverage is going south). And since the Voice Bridge doesn’t affect the landline in any way, there’s no worries about invasive issues or special charges being imposed. That includes up to 5 smartphones that can be connected to the Voice Bridge and used for making/receiving calls at home.

It’s worth noting that the setup is fairly easy and substitutes patience for brain surgery — it doesn’t take a call to a “geek” to get it up and running. And once it IS running, use is intuitive and simple. Remember call forwarding and charges for same? Say goodbye to that. Remember paying for Caller ID? No need (or cost) for that either since your contact list will now show you who’s calling (providing it’s in the list obviously). And for those who long for the good old days of  walkie-talkies, calls can be made without cost between smartphones and tablets (a fast way for checking in while mucking around in the attic or garage or basement).

Voice Bridge is compatible will all landline phones and nobody calling “through the wires” will ever know you’re not standing there with the receiver in hand. That’s pretty cool.

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