Flying Goes Fun With The POWERUP FPV


Drones are supposed to be fun, not expensive or complicated to fly. And who wants to be stuck “registering” a drone like it was something that the CIA planned to use. So that’s why the POWERUP FPV will make flying fun again — because it’s based on the iconic paper airplane design, yet manages to take it to the next level. And because it’s a “paper airplane/drone”, no FAA license is required. But it does require being assembled, but that only makes it more special. Add to that the ability to create/design your own wing designs and from the start this drone shows off its different approach to flying.

Physically the FPV is durably designed and built with sensibility in mind: automatic stabilization ensures calm flying, and automatic takeoff and crash detection schemes eliminate two of the most pressing problems. With a 300 foot+ WiFi streaming range and the ability to go up to 20 miles per hour, the 10 minutes of airtime per battery charge is more than sufficient. Just don’t expect to be bored, because there’s a wide angle, rotating camera installed in the drone for displaying a wider view than would normally be the case. But still, so what? The “what” is that what the camera sees it streams. And what is being streamed gets received for viewing by the one manning the controller (with audio too, for those who care for the full A/V experience).

And to make it even better, forget about using the app on your smartphone and staring down at it for “game mode’ control and instead pull out the included Google Cardboard VR for a first-person point of view. Then add the ability to influence the flight with head motions and that 10 minutes now flies by (pun intended).

Flying a drone, any drone, takes patience and practice. What makes the POWERUP FPV different than the others is that it’s not just easier to fly (due to all the embedded helpful technologies) but is a lot more fun to fly in the first place. This isn’t a drone that will be flown once and then put away because it was too hard to fly or too boring.; it will be flown often, so get a second battery, is what the solution to waiting for a recharge is. Do that right after you spend the $199 to make the POWERUP FPV yours and head for the much more friendly drone skies.

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