Here Rolls Mobile Edge’s Professional Rolling Laptop Case


Professional Rolling Laptop Case

The whole idea of a traveling “Road Warrior” only makes sense if the person isn’t staying home. Doesn’t matter if they’re going through an airport or taking a train or driving a car — the idea of packing everything needed into a suitcase for a short trip is more about the electronics than it is the clothes. So Mobile Edge’s Professional Rolling Laptop Case takes this to heart by encompassing everything into one case and making blessed sure that nothing gets left out or damaged during transit.

The case is made from a ballistic nylon that looks as good as it handles. But what you can’t see is that it’s made to be weather resistant and durable as well.  Also not apparent to the eye are the four separate storage sections — this includes an oversized compartment designed for clothing and personal items  — and these are constructed with a particular emphasis on the electronic devices that are going along for the ride. That “ride” is facilitated by free rolling in-line skate wheels that lets the case be easily moved along with great precision and stability, provided that you remembered to pull out the 5-stage telescoping handle. Those who prefer hefting the case (whether for sanity due to the terrain or just to show off their muscles and not care about their backs and shoulders long-term) will find the top carry handle has been padded. That kind of attention to detail — or better yet attention to the fact that a human is going to be using the case — is also shown by the addition of a trolley strap for stacking on other luggage.

So what about those other storage sections? The most expected, assuming you’ve a laptop, is the adjustable and padded laptop compartment. Adjustable because it can be modified to hold the laptop safely in transit regardless of whether it’s got a 13″ screen on up to 17″. Next comes a fleece lined pouch area that is obviously soft enough to accept an LCD screen without incident — be that an iPad/Tablet or e-Reader. Finally there’s the analog portion of the case, with a large file section for holding those important papers and documents. Or maybe a textbook if you’re a student. But you don’t want to keep things there that you need to be able to get to quick, like keys and such, so go to the front zippered compartment with its built-on organizer section and fill it up with all the small stuff that always needs to be on hand: pens and business cards and connection cables and battery chargers, to be sure, but room for a smartphone should you want it out of your pocket.

The Professional Rolling Laptop Case retails for $169.99. And doesn’t care if it’s a day trip or overnight or going from the office to a presentation just a few blocks away (yes it will fit in a plane’s overhead bin without being forced). What it does care about is providing a safe and secure method for travel as far as all the “equipment” a Road Warrior needs and expects to have. It’s even stylish to the eye, so there’s that too.

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