A chair is for sitting, but that’s like saying a car is for driving — the purpose may be obvious but the actual use varies wildly. So in the case of a chair it first needs to  be determined what “kind” of sitting is to go on, and for what reason. Looking at RAPID X’s FERRINO LINE RED ON BLACK  DIAMOND PATTERNED GAMING LIFESTYLE CHAIR, it’s obvious that gaming is going to be the main preoccupation of anyone seated, with hours far exceeding that of watching a TV show or movie. But that’s why the FERRINO LINE has “Gaming” as part of its name in the first place.

A chair’s construction determines both how it looks as well as how it envelops the person seated in it. The FERRINO LINE scores big on both counts. This is a full sized chair composed of polyurethane leather to give it just a little bit of give as it “pushes” back at anyone parking themselves in it. Actually “parking” is less the term to use here — make that “racing” because the overall look, from the diamond-patterned backrest to the color stitching gives more the apperance of a racing car seat. That’s helped along by the seat’s similarity to the professional harness style racing seats you see in the cars at NASCAR. But this is much more affordable than those multi-million dollar vehicles (retailing for $349.00).

But don’t get the idea that you just sit and forget about it, because the FERRINO LINE provides a series of controls for personalizing your being in it. For one thing, the seat has a locking tilt mechanism and can recline from 85-165 degrees, and the backrest reclines up to 155 degrees (a car-like lever handling the changes). Those armrests are also adjustable (3 settings) as well.  Don’t want the lumbar and neck support pillows getting in your way? Take them out. Obviously if you’re gaming hard you’re keeping the chair fairly straight-facing (heck if it’s a good enough game you might be leaning so far forward you end up falling out of the chair!). But should it be a break in gaming or you’re looking to just plain relax and read a good book (hah – make that watch a movie on your phone or tablet), having those pillows and all the options for altering the chair’s angles makes for a sweet ride to comfort town.

The FERRINO LINE RED ON BLACK  DIAMOND PATTERNED GAMING LIFESTYLE CHAIR comes in a number of high contrast color schemes and mimics the “look” and “feel” of racing culture in design and physical attractiveness. It also has a five-point caster wheel base with 2-inch rim casters (closest you’re going to get to hubcaps on a chair). This provides a secure base which adds to the chair’s overall weight and guarantees a smooth swivel when needed, but also that the chair won’t be gyrating just because you are (first person shooters bringing less than sedate actions from gamers in play). So yes the Rapid X folks went to a lot of trouble to make the chair orthopedic  and ergonomically sound, but don’t worry because it hasn’t forced the overall look to lose its sense of danger. You can sit in anything you want when gaming or just relaxing, but once you sit in this, you’re not going to settle for anything less again.

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