Protect Your Home With The Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi System


Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi System

Home security systems started out being ridiculously technical and requiring a trained technician to hook them up. Now an average person can set up a single security device and expect it to work as if it was a Bluetooth speaker. The problem is that there is still a dread of setting up a system which has many components involved, so whole house protection gets left out. Securifi’s Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi System negates that fear and gives the homeowner (or apartment dweller) the simplicity of setup combined with the expectation of ongoing security throughout the property.

The Almond 3 is a dual band Gigabit Wi-Fi router. What that means is that while it could be added to an existing router, it makes a lot more sense to have it take over as the router that your home network relies on. The Almond 3 accepts (2) Ethernet cables in its back like the now-removed router, and sends out a wireless signal to those devices expecting such a signal. And we’re talking about both the 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz frequency bands so everything needing a Wi-Fi signal continues to function as it should. There’s no monthly subscription charge or anything like that — you buy the Almond 3 for $119.99 retail and that’s it. It’s even got an alarm siren built in so you don’t have to install one and so, as is obvious, makes this a non-invasive installation that won’t deter those who worry about pounding holes in walls.

So you make all the connections and plug the Almond 3 in for power, now what? No need for it to be near your PC or Mac or use a web browser to set it up — just do the needed taps on the touchscreen by invoking an operational “Wizard.” What happens next is that you are integrating the individual components that make up the Securifi’s sensors — the Door Sensor and Motion Detector and Smart Plug (Door Sensor/retail $29.99, Motion Detector/$$39.99, Peanut Smart Plug/retail $39.99). Securifi sells these individually and they obviously are designed to integrate with the Almond 3. But there’s also built-in support for Phillips Hue, Nest and Amazon’s Alexa devices — so if you already have these in place (or want to get them), go right ahead because they are eminently compatible.

Now as to controlling what you’ve put into position — pull out your phone or tablet for the free iOS/Android app that allows remote control, be that locally at home or otherwise (and yes a Web browser option is right there too). Also able to enact immediately is their Almond Click, a smart button that can easily be programmed for activating a single command (429.99/retail). And in case it wasn’t obvious, arming/disarming the alarm can be done from the app. Additional controls include blocking Kids Wi-Fi using the app or Alexa voice commands, with the same going for creating a “Guest” network. You can also track browsing histories and monitor the bandwidth, should doing so appeal.

Now for an example: the Door Sensor gets positioned so as to monitor whether/when the door opens or closes and you can get a notification on your device should it be active. The same goes for the Motion Detector latching on to something going on where it’s supposed to be totally calm. The one exception from Securifi is their Peanut Smart Plug. Operating as a “switch” between electricity coming from the wall outlet and a device plugged into it (like a lamp or AC unit or fan, etc.), it provides near-immediate control over turning it on or off. So yes the device has to be already “on” or the Peanut won’t do anything, but that’s a given. Consider being able to turn the lights on a few minutes before you arrive home (or the AC when the Summer rolls around) and it can become more than just a convenience. 

The Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi System blankets 1300 square feet so that should do for most folks. If not, extra Almond 3’s can be set up to act as “repeaters” and increase the signal (with this in mind, Securifi sells a 3 pack of Almond 3s for $299.00 retail). This uses the latest “Wii-Fi Mesh” technology for networking to have them all work together. It comes in black or white and takes the concept of a “smart hub” and instead of integrating it with the existing home network, it assimilates everything by BECOMING the home network. Considering all that it now does to create a secure, safe and controllable home network and security environment, this is one time that no one will be screaming that the “Borg” are coming.

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