Lens Your Smartphone With the LIMELENS SET


Smartphone’s have taken over the duty of being cameras, but there’s an inherent problem with that. The camera lens on the phone has to satisfy all the requirements that separate lens used to perform, and that just isn’t possible. As a result people have “dumbed down” the way they take pictures and that shouldn’t be. So here’s the LIMELENS SET to rectify this problem. And at the very attractive price of $49.99.

Designed by LIMELENS Smartphone Lenses, the LIMELENS SET provides two lens that are actually three, plus the means to place the lenses on the smartphone to supplement/take over for the built-in one. Placed inside a protective carry case, the lenses consist of the Thinker (a dual macro/wide lens) and the Captain Supreme Fisheye (w/a view of 190 degrees). Both lenses are made of glass – no cheap plastic here — and react to light with the same high standards as a camera lens should. In the case of the Thinker, you unscrew part of the lens off from itself to change how it reacts: so that it either behaves as a 10X macro lens for taking extreme close ups (which you can of course monitor on the phone’s touch screen in the usual fashion) or to have it behave as a wide angle so as to encompass more of the scene that is being photographed (this being especially useful when shooting inside small rooms and needing to have a wider angle of view). Of course you can also go whole-hog to really make that view wide by using the Captain, as the fisheye effect is always unique and even at times startling.

Regardless of the lens in use, being able to keep that lens in position on the phone is paramount not just so as to properly line it up with the existing lens (and so the actual image now being seen/photographed/video’d), but also so that it remains in position safely and consistently. To do that in a non-invasive manner, LIMELENS uses their LImeclip which fits over the camera and holds on via friction and to which the lens connects to. And so you’re not left in a lurch, LIMELENS includes 3 clips to choose/work with.

The LIMELENS SET‘s case is durable enough to protect the lenses without being so bulky as to make carrying them around with you problematic. The inclusion of microfiber lens cleaners is appreciated, but the addition of protective lens caps for the two lenses even more so.

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