DJ’ing With The Mixfader Wireless Portable Fader

Mixfader Wireless Portable Fader

The world of DJs is highly rarified — it’s not something everyone can do, and in fact many don’t even understand what it’s all about. So to explain, let’s consider the DJ to be the human “interface” between the music being played and the ultimate sound that gets heard. To do this the DJ requires equipment that lets him/her manipulate what is being played and that’s where the Mixfader Wireless Portable Fader comes in. The Mixfader works on the idea that mixing/scratching what is being played needs to be more portable, more digital and more easy to attain. It eliminates the physical vinyl record while keeping the crossfader’s feel and grip — something essential for realizing performance of scratching techniques.

To simplify, Mixfader works like a typical DJ-mixer crossfader’s with an adjustable “curve.” Programs like edjing Scratch, for example, have a lot of crossfader shapes to work with, but turn things upside down and make Mixfader do the job on pitch or volume or effect fading. It’s compatible with edjing Scratch, for example, and all apps that use the MIDI standard. It’ll fit in a pocket or coat jacket and pull out for use just as fast as it gets put away. Making it do its job is up to the DJ, but now there’s no excuse for not being creative.  

As to the physical use of the Mixfader, segment it into two things: what is does and what it’s made of. We’ve already touched on what it does, but adding to that layer is that it integrates with any DJ software using the MIDI standard. But for a more “old school” approach that is more in keeping with the touch and feel of actual vinyl, it can be plugged to turntables with either time code or standard audio vinyls. The turntables have to possess a USB port or have been equipped with a sound card, but that’s the world of analog being shoved kicking and screaming into digital for you.

Now to the heart of the matter, the Mixfader is plenty small (9.2 x 3.2 x 3.6 cm) yet well constructed of aluminum and with enough weight (85 grams) to keep it in position so that it can be used without sliding around (thanks to a rubber bottom pad). Charge its internal battery for about a half hour and you’ll get around 20 hours of use — long enough for any session so as to not have any concerns about using it. MIDI has already been mentioned, but there’s also Bluetooth 4.0 tech working inside for a low latency connection between it and a mobile device (smartphone/tablet) running DJ apps. For many this is where the Mixfader will shine in use. And yes that includes Windows Mobile as well as iOS/Android and even Macs and PC computers (remember them?).

The Mixfader Wireless Portable Fader retails for $169.99 and fills the slot of being the world’s first wireless portable fader, while managing the grip and feel of the traditional. It easily adapts to one’s scratching technique and doesn’t care if you’re left or right handed (and now you don’t either). Nor are you limited to using just one (up to 7 can be used at the same time if desired), so where’s the beef with electronics not giving you choices? It’s up to you to decide how to best use it, but if you’re DJ’ing then you WILL be using it and then wondering how you ever got along without it.

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