Pack And Go With The Mobile Edge Professional Backpack

Mobile Edge Professional Backpack

Backpacks used to be relegated to carrying student’s books or odds and ends but no more. Mobile Edge’s Professional Backpack fulfills the desire to carry analog and digital devices and accessories with hands off ease. But also as important, the Professional Backpack fulfills the need for carrying all this safely and efficiently.

To the eye, the Professional Backpack has a straightforward and rugged looking appearance: a durable ballistic nylon composition takes care of that, aided by a tailored contrast stitching. It’s large enough to carry a lot of stuff — to begin with, the laptop compartment has a custom fitting adjustable design for holding 13″ – 16″ laptops (or in the case of MacBooks, up to 17″). Once seated, the laptop is held  so as to maintain its integrity and position. This leaves other compartments open for use: one is designed specifically for positioning a tablet (iPad, etc.) or eReader because it’s fleece lined and another is for holding files and other business/personal documents and/or accessories and other small items including personal items.

There is also a zippered front positioned “Business organizer” section — here you will find pockets for holding pens, a phone, business cards, keys, passport and the like. There is also a quickly accessible accessory pocket for getting to that pesky battery charger in a hurry — among other things that often end up being needed at the worst possible moment and seem to always be in the deepest crevices of whatever luggage you are carrying.

And as befits the traditional backpack, there are side mounted, zippered pockets for tossing in various whatever’s, or a large water bottle.

The Professional Backpack expects to be carried, and so is designed with a well padded top mounted handle and a good sense of weight. That means also padding the shoulder straps and back panel (and making them so that air can pass through) as well as including a trolley strap for stacking use. With that in mind also, the TSA airport security will find this a checkpoint-friendly backpack (and you might find yourself going through security with less hassles as a result).

The Professional Backpack makes for a good commute, overnight trip or just as the means for getting what you need to where you are going with a minimum of aggravation and problems. The retail of $119.99 well reflects this.

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