Sound Goes Voom With The Voom 21 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

VAVA Voom 21 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Most Bluetooth speakers focus in on a single speciality: they’re very small or have unusual sound characteristics or low in price. VAVA’s Voom 21 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker goes for the whole buffet by packing in more features that can be noted in a title. But for $89.99 retail, it should stand out and it does.

The Voom doesn’t just stick a speaker inside a cabinet and call it done: to produce an immersive sound effect there must be multiple speakers PLUS a bass responses or everything will sound flat. So there’s a pair of drivers (i.e., “speakers”) which can produce a stereo effect from the get go, and employ 5 watts of power each so the results aren’t puny. Aiding in the overall sound quality are two passive radiators (not often found in a BT speaker), but then there’s aid and then there’s real aid as coming from a subwoofer. It’s the subwoofer that focuses in on providing the low frequencies (I.e., the “bass”) which otherwise the midrange speakers are forced to try and emulate. The Voom’s subwoofer is dedicated to providing the deep end of the aural spectrum and gets 10 watts of its own to make sure that what is being generated is getting heard and then some. The overall effect of the sound field is now much more akin to a home theater setup than the stand-alone BT speaker. That’s a good thing for those listening, for sure.

Also good for those listening is being able to personalize the music through equalization. The Voom provides three distinct modes to conform the sound quality: the “classic” mode performing middle-of-the-road, as it were; the “party” mode highlighting the highs and lows; the “surround” mode expanding the sound field to create a greater sense of immersion. This is all helped along by the level of Bluetooth tech being employed: reaching a CD quality-like results that gives the speakers sound that they can “chew” on and disgorge with fidelity.

Bringing this all together is the chassis — how the Voom is designed to function. Rather than going with the traditional square shape, it is designed as an oval. This allows the sound to emit from all directions rather than just coming out of one end. This less directional sound can thus be heard better by those around it (being more of a 360 degree sound field pattern). This also makes the “surround sound” effect more pronounced because there are more directions for the sound to be coming from as regards the Voom in the fist place.

The VAVA Voom 21 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker can pair up to 2 devices together and switch between them. It uses a rechargeable battery and is rated for up to 10 hours of use. This doesn’t take into account using the USB charging port to add “juice” to a mobile device like a phone, but then most BT speakers don’t have this port in the first place. But the Voom excels in surprising those who are listening to it.

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