Can Up With The SnapBasket Collapsable 50 Can Soft Sided Cooler

SnapBasket Collapsable 50 Can Soft Sided Cooler

Picnics and parties depend on beverages. This becomes more difficult when the gathering is taking place outside, and not because it could be cold outside — a cold drink is always the norm, especially when it’s inside an aluminum can. The trick in carrying enough drinks around is to have a container that 1)can hold a lot of them, and 2)doesn’t take up so much space before it needs to be used or afterwards. That’s why the SnapBasket Collapsable 50 Can Soft Sided Cooler works so well.

The SnapBasket has collapsible in its name so obviously that is what it does. As a collapsible cooler, its job is to occupy as little space as possible and then bulk up when needed. In this case that means snapping it open and filling it up with as many as 50 cans plus ice.  Now that’s all well and good, but even more important is that the ice is going to melt and better not have an easy time of getting out of the cooler so it can ruin something. Since the SnapBasket is insulated so as to keep ice from melting for as long as 36 hours, this won’t be a problem. And yes the body and base and lid are all insulated together (and leak-proof) so there’s no loose points to worry about.

Once fully loaded, the SnapBasket measures 18.25″ L x 12.25″ W x 12″ H (pretty significant in size compared to its 3″ depth once flattened after use) and will make you glad you work out in the guys — it’s holding 8 gallons of weight (that’s 30 Liters) and is designed to take up to 50 so no worry about it busting up once picked up.  The construction includes a flop-free design so it’s not going to roll over as it’s being filled up either. And as to more on the durable aspects of its construction, here’s the breakdown: part polyester, part polyethylene vinyl acetate, part polypropylene, with3% MDF and 2% ABS. So for all practical purposes what we have here is highly rip-resistant. And obviously water resistant. You just grab it like it was a duffel bag or by the side grip and lift. But don’t forget the zippered front compartment can hold stuff like keys or a bottle opener, etc.

The SnapBasket Collapsable 50 Can Soft Sided Cooler comes in a variety of colors, retails for $29.99 and is designed to do one task well: carry beverage cans and keep them cold and available for consumption. Everything else it does is good, but getting that can out and down your throat is pretty much what it’s all about.

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