Your iPhone Gets What It Wants With WALTR 2


Apple designed their iPhone (and in fact all their mobile devices) with a “walled garden” point of view — the idea being to keep the user out of trouble by controlling what they can and can’t do when it comes to putting “stuff” inside their phone. This works really well as long as you don’t mind being faced with a set of rules as to what kind of video formats are acceptable and what kind of audio resolution can be had. That might be fine for most, but for those looking to stretch their choices farther out there’s WALTR 2.

The idea behind WALTR 2 is that there needs to be an easy method for taking a file (be it 2K/4K video, 192 kHz audio, ringtones, etc.) and transferring it to the iPhone without any issues. So that lets out “jail breaking” the iPhone, which is really good. WALTR is downloaded from the company’s site and then runs in a free mode for 1 day as a test, or full head-on once the $39.95 one-time fee is paid (there’s also a lower charge for those upgrading from the previous version). The program appears on your Mac desktop (running an OS version that’s 10.9 or higher — meaning it’s Sierra compatible). You then decide whether you want to have it convert any high resolution audio format to Apple’s lossless version and whether you want to use it with your iPhone connected through a USB port or via WiFi (this being cordless but also very slow as it’s in Beta and not recommended).

That’s the end of what you can tell WALTR 2 to do, because the rest is automatic.  Just drag a file that you want into the program’s window and it does the rest — using an intelligent algorithm to decide what kind of file it is and to then put it in the appropriate place (for example, a video file in the TV app, an Audiobook file or ePub in iBooks, etc.). The program also takes care of doing such things as bringing in artist imaging and other information to those files being imported and again it’s done fully automatic. As far as the iPhone is concerned, what you have given it is OK and it uses the appropriate app to play it. But now you might have an MKV video file that otherwise can’t be played waiting to be viewed, or a classical symphony in the Music app in a high resolution that normally couldn’t be included because it was FLAC.  Again the iPhone doesn’t care because it treats what it now has as normal.

The only restriction to WALTR 2 is that it and iTunes don’t get along: when WALTR 2 is running, iTunes can’t. Also, if you do a sync with iTunes it will “wipe” anything and everything WALTR 2 has imported. That’s annoying but it’s not the end of things — just bring WALTR 2 back up and re-import what you need.

WALTR 2 not only makes it easier than using iTunes to import files onto your iPhone or iPad (or any iPod model from birth!) but it also eliminates having to avoid a whole host of file formats that are used everyday by those out in the world. This is what Apple should have/could have done if they were willing to give their users true choices. With WALTR 2, now there is.  And you Windows users, there’s a version too.

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