Other Nations Entangle

Like an opening scene from a play or a book,

you cant understand with a single look.

You must study it all in detail and depth.

To have a full knowledge of all of its breadth.

Because in a play every step is designed,

with intent and meaning in the movements combined.

There’s knowledge and detail that you can find.

If you can learn to see with a different mind,

Perspective is different from every eye.

No time for hellos,

No time for goodbyes.

First it lights up like a scene on a stage, 

the words come to life as they bounce off the page.

The director calls shots like he was made to do.

Every role is a part with intentions that are true.

First the curtain opens and the story starts to unfold.

Ever part has a tale and every tale is told.

This play is unique each and every time.

Its not always complete because its based off of life.

There’s always true stories and truth to be known,

There’s also drama and gossip i’d leave that alone.

But which is the gossip and which is the truth?

Does everything align with all of the proof?

Which tale is the truth and what’s a tale to be told?

This play it reminds us life never gets old.

Everyone loves a circus, embrace it it’s truth.

And a circus is made of a family called a troupe.

Which role is the bad one?

Which role is the fav.?

Which role is the damsel that behaves as they behave?

Which one is a do-er, and who’s the buffoon?

Who is the dreamer that stares at the moon?

As time passes by, the characters are introduced.

You start to see the roles and the play is produced.

Every actor has the room to be who they are, 

We’re all one of the best and the brightest of stars.

A director must trust in the skills of his troupe, 

because when its designed its acted out too.

We deal with life in this play there’s improv.,

because the roles are more guidelines,

Than set in stone laws.

This play can be like a game of thrones.

Each kingdom’s represented and led by it’s own.

Under a the cause of a banner for all.

The roles they may change, and start to evolve.

We’ll see where it takes us, and see where we’ll get,

put in your wages and ante your bets.

Once the stories been told, and all has evolved,

the knowledge is there but can it be solved?

There’s always a lesson a moral you’ll see,

We do this for the people,

Are we the enemy?


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