Fight Stress With The WellBe Stress Therapy Bracelet


Stress can be a killer, and while that might sound extreme, it is obvious that being calm is better for one’s health and peace of mind. Attaining this state isn’t easy — every person is different and their life/situations are as well — but technology can lend a hand. Specifically the WellBe stress therapy bracelet can be worn on the hand, er make that the wrist and offer help. So let’s get the technical out of the way first.

The WellBe’s strap is made of cork so it’s comfortable to wear and the color is calming. Of course there’s stainless steel and silicon involved in the device itself as well as tech like biofeedback sensors. These read and track the heart rate of the person wearing it for 3 minutes every hour to determine the level of stress/calmness based on the time, the person’s location as well as the people being interacted with. Since there’s no doctor or nurse doing the reading, the stress from having these readings done don’t exist. And since the WellBe is expected to be worn all day (or even all the time), the readings become more accurate over time. So obviously it has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that can be charged via a USB input.

The WellBe uses Bluetooth in order to transfer these readings/data to an app running on your iOS/Android smartphone. The app takes over to do the heavy lifting as to analyzing the data, both establishing a baseline and keeping a record of all the interactions that are generating the stress levels. Now if that was the extent of what the app did, you might as well consider the bracelet no more useful than going to a doctor’s office to have your blood pressure taken. For the WellBe to make a difference, being able to personalize the data and translate that into an actionable plan against the negative effects of stress is required.

Sensibly, the app does exactly that. It has a number of user-functions built in: a stress “alarm” being a basic one for notifying the person when his/her stress has pass a pre-set level (warning against reaching a level akin to a cartoon Elmer Fudd’s head turning red with steam coming out of his ears).  The main components of the app consist of balancing tools, exercises and meditations as designated into 4 categories: Check (for calibrating), Learn (the calendar of Places, Scheduling and Meetings, Relax for music and meditation (scheduled in time increments) and WellBe for programs to become more aware/control stress through meditation and breathing exercises. These are all available 27/7, because wearing the bracelet full time or at least during the day is necessary in order for it to properly monitor you and to make suggestions from its database, based on the data it collects.

The WellBe is a digital bracelet, but instead of being populated with apps, it’s “concerned” with your state of mind. And peace of mind. It retails for $149 and comes in three colors (Natural, Black, Brown) and includes two straps and a tool for changing them (one with the “flow” symbol and one without, because not being able to choose between wearing a design and not wearing a design causes, well, stress). When purchasing, the person must choose between Medium/Small (up to 6.75”) or Medium/Large (larger than 7”) depending on their wrist size.

Keeping stress under control takes patience and a willingness to realize there’s a problem and then deal with it. The WellBe does the realizing for you and then the app takes over to show you the means for dialing back on the stress. That’s where you come in, because it IS all about you.

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