Carry Keys With The KeyBiner Carabiner


Carrying keys has always been a pain because a keychain is bulky: stuck in a pocket they stand out and bulge and aren’t readily accessible. So some smart folks decided they could hook their keys on a belt loop for quicker access. That sounded good in theory, but the results often ended up being more trouble than it was worth. That is until the KeyBiner Carabiner came along to turn a single good idea into a multi-purpose great execution. Think of it as taking the everyday carabiner and making it able to hold keys in a much more effective way.

The KeyBiner clips onto a belt loop or a backpack, purse, etc., but that’s where the similarity to other such “key chains” end. It’s designed to be durable because it’s out in the open, but at the same time it lacks any sharp edges to cut or tear clothing or flesh. For sure it holds your keys (and there’s a slot to attach a car’s Bluetooth security dongle or other key fobs ), but since everyone has different amounts of keys it doesn’t decide on how many you can have as a default. Instead it comes with the hardware to adapt the KeyBiner for holding up to 14 keys or any lower combination thereof. So you decide how many keys are needed and then use the included screws to customize the key retention (3/8″ Screws fit 1-6 keys; 1/2” Screws fit 1-10 Keys; /4” Screws fit 1-14 Keys)

There are also a series of wrenches (1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4” 5/16”, 3/8”) and screwdrivers (flat blade and Philips) as well as a pry bar and file. All of these are built onto the surface so nothing has to be swung out or get caught on something.

So all that sounds good and, considering we’re talking about a “keychain” and not rocket science, what more is there to say besides it comes in varied colors (aluminum red/black/tumbled) or Titanium blue/bronze/tumbled and retails between $30-$35, depending on the choice made (there’s also a USB drive “key” accessory)? How about one more addition — that being a bottle cap opener.

Now you might be thinking that to hold all of this stuff the KeyBiner is either humongous or all the various tools are extremely tiny. The answer lies in between as the KeyBiner weighs about an ounce without keys and is definitely large enough to stand out.  Neither tiny or outrageously big either. For most it will be just right.

The KeyBiner Carabiner is simple and elegant implementation of form conveying function. But mostly it’ll keep your keys handy and that’s exactly what needs to be done.

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