Game On With The HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Lots of people play games, but PC gamers have long been in a league of their own — they’re more committed and more intense when it comes to gaming. That goes especially for FPS (first person shooter) games, because you don’t approach this with a relaxed and sedate attitude. You need to be pumped up and have all your reflexes on a hair trigger if you’re to succeed. Sure would help if the keyboard — a vital necessity when it comes to PC games — would do its job by providing tactical support, rather than just lying there waiting to be punched. So that’s why you forget about word processing and spreadsheets and surfing the Internet and pull out the HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (model #HX-KB1BL1-NA/A1).

The HyperX Alloy has a really compact design that puts FPS gaming into the forefront; yes all the keys are there and they’re full sized mechanical keys with the kind of “kerchunk” when pressed that lets you know you make the right choice. These keys are rated good for up to 50,000,000 keystrokes, and that’s helped along by their construction — they’re Cherry MX mechanical keys with self-cleaning gold contacts (resistant to dust and dirt) and pressure-resistant metal alloy springs. What more can a gamer ask for? Still things can happen, so inside is a keycap removal tool so you can pop out the offending key and put in a new one.

And for sure what’s called in the industry Anti-Ghosting” and “Full N-Key Rollover” means that you can press all keys at once, with every keystroke registering as being pressed. That’s good, but what’s better for gamers especially is that you can put the HyperX Alloy into “game mode” to disable the Windows key. Since everyone knows that red is where it’s at, additional colored keycaps are there and they’re textured to give a bit of a grip every time a press occurs. And if that’s not good enough, then pick one of the 6 pre-set LED lighting effects and let the keys “glow” for you.  Just make sure to plug into the USB port to charge up the battery now and then.

So the HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical Gaming Keyboard manages to be “heavy” without actually weighing a ton — what that means in real-world application is that it’s solid-steel frame keeps it rigid and makes sure it all stays put and doesn’t slide around when you start pounding on it from the excitement of what’s going on.  And while it expects to be plugged into the computer via a USB cable — the actual cable used is braided and removable so you’re not stuck with a permanently attached one, especially since you get a mesh travel pouch as part of the deal for storing it and the keyboard during travel. That’s a pretty good deal for $99.99 retail.

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