Apple Users Will Want Belkin’s PowerHouse Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone

PowerHouse Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone

To badly paraphrase “It’s A Wonderful Life,” every time a new electronic device needs to be charged, another wall plug is born. Get enough devices and your life and power plugs become intertwined. But if you got a charging dock that could handle more than one device at a time — and you just so happen to be the proud owner of an iPhone and Apple Watch — then the Belkin PowerHouse Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone is worth cleaning off a space on your night table for.

Designed more like MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) than utilitarian functionality, the PowerHouse sits there with enough weight to keep from tipping over or moving about once positioned. It’s small enough to move from bedroom to desk, or end table to den, no big deal. What it does is the big deal though — it charges both an iPhone and Apple Watch side by side, and elevates both high enough to avoid being scratched at their bottom or making it hard to look at. So there has to be some clever tech inside as well as physical to make this happen. One example is the Lightning port connector — relegating any iPhone with the old-style connector to the boonies — because it has 12 watts working which makes for a quicker charge. It also means that the main cable coming from the Powerhouse isn’t going to be transferring any data, like using iTunes or such. But being plugged in for AC power gives the PowerHouse what it needs to boost charging speed way up there.

Getting that iPhone plugged into the Lighting port could be a hassle if there’s a case around the phone, so Belkin builds in a dialing mechanism to raise/lower the connector so it can fit. Not having to remove a case-enclosed iPhone means that the PowerHouse will be used. It also means that Murphy’s Law of the iPhone slipping out of your hands the moment you take it out of the case ain’t gonna happen. What also doesn’t happen is having the Apple Watch get scratched or messed with. That’s due to the watch being held securely while at the same time, magnetic induction charging is taking care of its power needs. With it and the iPhone both held securely, using either while they charge becomes less a chore and more doable.

The PowerHouse Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone retails for $99.99, but since it’s doing two jobs at once, you can break it down into $49.99 each ( but no, you can’t separate the two from each other, nor would you want to). So while the old saying is that you can’ t put a price on convenience, If you could, then this is the charging dock that does it.

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