3DRudder Is A Gaming And Virtual Reality Foot Powered Controller


The mouse was considered radical when first introduced — who knew that the idea of a pointer moving around a screen would take over from typing text in a command line so effortlessly? But when it comes to gaming or the newer-styled virtual reality offers, “point and click” just isn’t intuitive enough to cut it. Nor does having to switch from grasping a joystick in order to punch keyboard commands. The answer is to use your feet or to be more precise, to use the 3DRudder.

First what it isn’t — something to stand on or rock back and forth on. You use the 3DRudder while seated, so your feet can firmly be in position and the rest of your body at rest. 3DRudder looks like a circle mated with left/right foot positions. So that’s where your feet go. As to how it works, there’s no power battery inside because it gets all the “juice” needed from the USB cable that goes from it to the PC (so yes you do need to be within computer range). Since this is all self-contained, there’s no software patch or “software driver to install, although you do need a few minutes to do a fast calibration.  Of course you do need to configure ? What you want it to do, because the PC “sees” it By freeing your hands from the mundane operations, focusing in on the needed things that fingers are good for can be more targeted. And in gaming, the only targeting that should go on is someone other than yourself.

The 3dRudder provides for 4 degrees of freedom: Lateral Left/Right (X-axis roll), Forward/Backward (Y Axis), Orbit/Rotation (Yaw), Up/Down (Z Axis). On the PC, the 3dRudder is recognized as if it was a joystick with the 4 axis of movements, 1 axis for the status and 3 for the pressure sensors. Software can also be used to enable the 3dRudder to emulate a controller for the Xbox One game console — this uses freeware software on a PC and basically alters how the 3dRudder “behaves” if used with the game console. Those not looking to make such an alteration (but wanting the results) need only wait till end of year, as that is when Company will include native support (i.e., a firmware update).

The 3DRudder may excel at gaming and VR, but it’s also well suited for more sedate computer-oriented uses, as it can be the equivalent of a foot-powered “mouse.” For this to happen, the included software Dashboard enables both setup and customization modes for operation. This includes emulating a mouse (“mouse mode”) so as to free the hands up for other activities. The short learning curve makes navigation a snap, and the mode allows for a wider range of use than “just” that of gaming/VR — for This mode is designed for use with Windows-based operations and web browser use, using Windows 8/10. Other modes include the ability to access/activate keystrokes (up to 8 keys) and the default designed to emulate joystick controls., for example in flight simulators or VR games (in both cases, the hands being freed up for other tasks).

The 3DRudder retails for $179.00 and provides an alternative to the conventional way one can interact with games and virtual reality. So why you’ll want the 3DRudder not for being lazy, but for expanding your command and control over what you’re doing. And let’s be honest, it’s really, really good to be in control.

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