Kids Get Brushing With The Grush Smart Toothbrush

Grush Smart Toothbrush

Every adult knows that it’s important to brush your teeth, but try telling that to a child. So through the ages parents have cajoled and commanded their kids to brush, with the usual result being less than a stellar performance when visiting the dentist. The Grush Interactive Gaming Toothbrush seeks to change all that by combining something that parents want (an effective electric toothbrush) with something that kids want (a reason to brush).

So first the technology that parents want comes from a sonic vibrating toothbrush that provides the proper brush angle towards the gumline. Every 30 seconds it cycles so as to inform the child that it’s time to move on to another of the 4 positions (quadrants) of the mouth.That’s the part that parents understand, but which holds no interest to the child who has to be the one doing it.

So second comes the technology that the kids want: thanks to Bluetooth, the Grush doubles as a motion sensing “wand” to transmit movement to gaming apps running on a smartphone (iOS/Android – pairs in the same manner as that of a wireless headset). Examples are “Monster Chase” where you chase and brush away the baddies hiding in the teeth, the “Toothy Orchestra” where brushing becomes musical and others. For those parents who eschew gaming, a brush tracking level guides the user to brush their teeth (changing from yellow to white) and works like a mirror.

Grush intends to build in add-ones and holiday additions to keep the games interesting over time. That will keep the kids interested (besides getting a “score” they can try to do better at next time). These games aren’t just to distract the child from her brushing; the games are interactively designed to aid in guiding the child through the brushing process. At the end comes a “score” to promote success in brushing. Parents will be most interested in that the information being gleaned during brushing has been done in a manner that detects the exact brushing position and brushing movements as they impact each tooth along with the orientation angle and brushing force. These details are getting stored into the “Cloud” for them to access and view. This service is not subscription-based, but is free and the data is provided without any cut-off (i.e., “lifetime”).

There’s no rechargeable battery that could be depleted just when the toothbrush is  most needed: instead it is designed to be always available by using a common replaceable “AAA” battery that is good for about 3 months of use. Continuing the user-replacement theme is the fact that you can replace the brush head as well, so the Grush is going to be useful over a long period of time. 3 brush heads in all are included, with each good for about 3 months of use. Additionally, a universal cellphone holder is included that is designed for the bathroom mirror.

The Grush Smart Toothbrush is designed for children 3-7 years of age, and then 7+ (age group being defined by the sophistication of the software games). It retails for $59.00.

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