Fitbit Gets Accessorized with the Funktionable Wearables

BRIDGET Bangle Bracelet

Today’s technologies seems to ignore the fact that women have the right to wear attractive accessories. So while it doesn’t matter so much how a fitness tracker looks on a wrist when exercising or going for a run, the same can’t be said when it’s time to go out in the world. All these fitness tracking devices are small enough to be worn on the wrist but certainly not attractive enough to be worn outside of their intended use. That’s why Funktionable Wearables doesn’t make fitness trackers but accessories women can enjoy wearing which “hide” a Fitbit from sight, while still allowing it to perform its functions.

For example, Funktionable Wearables makes the KATE — being a single-strap gold and tan Fitbit bracelet. Going on the wrist like a standard wristwatch/smartwatch would (with the strap being genuine leather), the Fitbit Flex tracking device has first been inserted inside a concealed pouch on the inner side that keeps in in place. That’s all there is to setting it up, so then it’s just a matter of wearing what can be complimented by a modern styled leather bracelet of brushed gold. Also available is the BRIDGET, being hinged Bangle Bracelet which also has an inside pouch for holding a Fitbit/Fitbit Flex. While coming in an assortment of colors, the rose gold is particularly attractive. And of course in both cases, the Fitbit can be removed just as easily as it was inserted in the first place.

All of these accessories come in varying colors and varying wrist sizes, and at reasonable prices. The BRIDGET in rose gold retails for $36.00, while the KATE with leather strap retails for $42.00. But mostly what they are all about is providing an alternative to having to wear a boring (and unattractive) tracking device on the wrist. Don’t think for one minute that is not important.

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