A Better Stance With The Active Standing Desk Mat

Active Standing Desk Mat

Sitting down at a desk all day is worse than boring because it’s not healthy — that’s why standing desks have gained in popularity. But the feet don’t share in the health benefits because they’re pressed against uncompromising and hard surfaces that can range from laughably thin carpeting to hard floors to bare concrete. None of which provide a comfortable “feel” for the person standing. The solution has been to stick a mat of some kind beneath the feet and make do. But the Active Standing Desk Mat was developed to eliminate this erroneous thinking.

The first thing noticed is that this mat isn’t flat but countered: the sloped sides allow the feet to attain a wider stance with one (or both) elevated. This makes for stretched calves and, by extension, a more natural posture because the feet aren’t forced to stay in one position all day. This is definitely an improvement over normal positioning and is helped along by a number of things, with the 1″ thickness of the mat being but one of them contributing to its anti-fatigue properties.

The Active Standing Desk Mat is composed of a single piece of premium, high density foam and designed with sensibilities in mind: it might be used in a cube or a small office space, so the dimensions need to be big enough to be effective but not so large as to disallow use in less spacious surroundings. So that’s why the measurements come in at 32” x19.75” x3.5″.  Another factor is weight — needing to be heavy enough not to slide around when feet are moving about on it, but not so heavy as to make moving it an issue. So that’s why it weights 8 lbs.

Now if that was all this mat did, that would be enough. But to keep one’s “eye on the ball,” Uncaged Ergonomics builds into the mat an actual massage ball at its center. This can be used to rub against the sole of the feet (or ignored because there’s plenty of room around it), but the fact is that this is not something found on other “massaging” mats. It’s also something you can grab onto as a fast way to get that mat moving, should sliding it to another location nearby be your aim.

The Active Standing Desk Mat is both stain resistant as well as waterproofed; both of which comes in handy since those who spend time in offices or those who spend time in home offices both have the tendency to spill coffee at some point and their priority is missing the desks and themselves. So while not advocating shoddy habits, it’s good to know that this mat will just need a little mopping up of spills and will not be the worse for wear.  That alone easily justifies its $109.99 retail price.

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