The ITG Stealth Privacy Filter Keeps Your iPhone’s Screen Private

ITG Stealth Privacy Filter

Commuters taking public transportation know that other people are going to be looking at their phone. So rather than hiding it close to the chest, getting a privacy filter sounds like a good idea. Until you realize that it makes the whole front of the phone look dark, so if you have a white iPhone that stinks. But regardless of the iPhone’s color, a privacy filter needs to do its job as unobtrusively as possible and not be a hassle to the one actually looking at it. So we get the Patchworks’ ITG Stealth Privacy Filter.

Available for the iPhone 6/6S/7 and 7 Plus, the name is a piece of glass (not plastic) composed of 3 layers that lets you look straight at it to see or to tap what’s on the touch-screen (3M provides the privacy filter tech). Look at it from an angle — meaning somebody other than you — and it’s dark and unforgiving. Now that sounds like a lot of other privacy filters and it is, but the ITG Stealth Privacy Filter goes a different route in how it’s made. Rather than just a piece of glass with the privacy tech built in that fits over the iPhone from top to bottom, putting the ITG Stealth Privacy Filter over the phone results in the privacy filter area only affecting the touch-screen. So the rest of the iPhone’s front is unaffected.

With that understood, let’s get into a few specifics about the construction of materials that are in use: scratch resistant of course, but also shatter proof because it’s high tempered glass. Add waterproofing to that as well, so that means wiping off raindrops or sweat or rubbing a cleaning fluid (applied first to the chamois cloth of course) is no big deal. Also no big deal is the fact that the front is being tapped all the time, because there’s a Oleophobic coating that just hates oil so that makes wiping off fingerprints nothing at all.

Both the iPhone 6/6S/7 ITG Stealth Invisible Privacy Filter and iPhone /6/6S/7 Plus ITG Stealth Invisible Privacy Filter include an installation kit and retail for $34.95 each. Like you can put a price on privacy.

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