Hear More With 1MORE’s Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

Earbuds may be convenient but they ruin sound. That’s why any decent headphones that go into the ear canal (rather than over or on the ear) need superior technology in order to succeed. And by “succeed” it’s meant being able to provide audio that can stream the low/middle/high frequencies that make up a sound signal without one muddling or at the expense of the other. 1MORE’s Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones does this in a stellar fashion that requires looking at both its outsides as well as insides.

Inside are two balanced armatures — these operate like tweeters — but they’re not alone because also inside is a dynamic driver (operating like a woofer). With the three working together, you’re getting the full range of what is being heard — reaching 40,000 Hz — as opposed to having a “clipped” subset of frequencies reaching the ear. What this means in “real-world” terms is that there’s clarity and a distinction: a vocal isn’t being dulled, or the bass muffled. In a real sense it’s like sitting in a home theater and listening to a set of speakers playing. Is it any wonder that cheap earbuds are just that —-cheap — when it comes to how they present sound and why you wouldn’t be calling them “in-ear headphones” or that the Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones retails for $99.00?

Now to the outside. These drivers are contained in an aluminum alloy (the earpieces) that are not just to hold them securely in position, but also to properly vent the sound out to the ear. That requires that the construction doesn’t cause hiss or distortion due to what it’s made of. Of aid to all this is the position of the ear tips. They’re obliquely angled for a better fit, with 9 sets included so that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t in play. This makes for a better fit as well as better noise isolation, without the need of a technology that could pollute the sound.

Final part is that the sound being generated has been fine-tuned by a Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer. This means that an actual human — one with a bias towards wanting great sound and the technical know-how for achieving an accurate representation of what the sound that was created should sound like — is doing the fine tuning. It’s not being left to an algorithm generated by a committee.

As is obvious in today’s world of mobile devices, the Triple’s in-line controls are compatible with iOS/Android devices (i.e., making/taking calls, playing music). 1MORE even goes to great lengths to ensure that the microphone will convey voice accurately and avoid cross-talk and background static.

The Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones comes with 5 sets of silicone ear tips and 3 sets of foam ear tips. Also included is an airline adaptor and matching shirt clip. To take it all with you, there is also a storage case but also a magnet clasping traveling case. Just don’t expect these in-ear headphones to be spending much time put away because the way they make things sound pretty much guarantees that they’re going to be worn a lot.

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