Your Stuff Stays Safe With the SAFEGO Portable Safe

SAFEGO Portable Safe

Ages ago I was stupid to put a ring into a locker at a water park and trust that the lock would prevent anyone from getting into it. Boy was I wrong! So since then I’ve never felt comfortable storing my wallet or other valuables in a public place, regardless of how “safe” the locker seemed to be. And that goes double for having it placed next to me on a blanket at the beach or at a park. So while I have to approach the SAFEGO Portable Safe with an unbiased eye, I really do want it to succeed.

As the name implies, the SAFEGO is a portable container that locks your valuables inside — be that a wallet or cell phone or cash, etc. It’s small enough to be convenient but too large not to be noticed if someone picks it up should it be lying next to you — the dimensions being 7” x 4” x 7.5”  and weighing a pound empty. The top flips up once you set the 3 digit combination and turn the knob — conversely you can use one of the 2 keys that come with it instead. Either way, now there’s 88 cubic inches of open space to use. Fill it, close it and lock it, but not until you’ve decided whether it’s going to be seated next to you or attached to something that can’t be moved. Because the steel cable encased in a plastic sheathe is going to be used to secure both ends of the SAFEGO around that “something.” So yes it’s pretty much the same system as one of those locking cable arrangements made for using with a laptop, and seeing as how the SAFEGO is made from high-impact plastic, neither the cable nor the safe’s top is going to give up easy to being assaulted.

A nice added feature is that there’s a small plug at the top large enough for a headphone cord to fit through. This means that a MP3 player or phone can be placed inside but still used should you want to keep the SAFEGO next to you. But one must keep in mind that the SAFEGO is not waterproof so no dunking, although it will provide obvious basic protection against the weather, dust, sand, etc. under normal use. The lock itself is made of a nickel-plated zinc alloy so it’s definitely rust and water resistant.

SAFEGO comes in a choice of colors (black, white, pink, blue and gold) and retails for $39.95. For situations where what you have can’t be on you, it’s an obvious choice.

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