Print For Years With Epson’s Expression ET-2650 EcoTank Wireless Color Supertank Printer

Expression ET-2650 EcoTank Wireless Color Supertank Printer

Inkjet printers became popular alternatives to laser printers initially due to being less expensive. Once the quality of the printing took off, the price advantage changed to  adding features and abilities to make a laser printer pale in comparison. So deciding on an inkjet printer has become about what it can do and totally ignored the basic issue of how long before the ink cartridges need to be replaced. Color aside, the first to go is often the black (be that black/text printing or black/color printing) and it always happens at the most inappropriate times. So let’s change the paradigm about inkjet printers and show you where Epson’s Expression ET-2650 EcoTank Wireless Color Supertank Printer now takes the lead.

Instead of ink cartridges, the ET-2650 uses internal tanks to store the 4 colors of ink needed to do text or color printing: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. This has a distinct advantage over ink cartridges in that a lot more ink can be stored — up to 4,000 pages of text/6,500 color pages — which amortizes as about 20 inkjet cartridge kits. Or to put it another way, on average a person will get up to 2 years of use before it’s time to refill. That’s a whole lot of couch potato time now available. Of course there’s a trade off in that you have to follow the instructions to physically transfer the ink from bottles into their respective tanks, but it’s the work of less than an hour and then you can forget about it for a long time. Full instructions are provided and the odds of making a mess are minor.

Once the ink has been loaded, the printer turned on and allowed to set itself up, the functions become apparent. The ET-2650 is an all-in-one, which means that it can print from a variety of different sources: you can use an Epson app or sync with it through WiFi using your home network. It’s also possible to direct-connect to it wirelessly and avoid the home network entirely. Another way to use it directly is through the front loading SD card slot — with all functions accessed via the 1.44″ LCD touch-screen. And if you’re using the built-in flatbed copy scanner that “lives” in the lid at its top, the resulting image can be saved directly to the card too.

The Expression ET-2650 EcoTank Wireless Color Supertank Printer might not be as fast or as compact in size compared to some inkjet printers (certainly not when you consider the addition of the ink tank compartment at the side), but at 10 lbs it’s less a massive SUV and more a reasonably sized sedan. Plus those “other” inkjet printers aren’t saving you $$$ since they require buying inkjet carts often (Epson estimates a savings of about 80% by using ink bottles and the supersized ink tanks). Being durable and dependable is always good, as is. having a resolution of 5760×1440 optimized DPI — the ET-2650 certainly is that — but the savings and convenience of not having to replace those inkjet carts can’t be overlooked. That’s why the $299.99 retail price is so appealing — this is one printer that’s designed for the long haul and will do right by you.

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