Use the WorkEZ Executive Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop/Tablet Stand Wherever

WorkEZ Executive Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop:Tablet Stand

Laptops and tablets are great conveniences when it comes to their being portable. But using them comfortably doesn’t seem to be figured in. So putting up with body contortions while seated in a chair or on a couch or propped up in bed has become the defacto way to go about things. Unless you have Uncaged Ergonomics’ WorkEZ Executive Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop/Tablet Stand, that is. Then you can kiss back awkward muscle aches goodbye.

The WorkEZ provides a platform for putting down your laptop/tablet, which is a good thing in itself. But its adjustability makes it far more comfortable than would be the case otherwise. First, the height is adjustable (going from flat to 21″) so as to ensure that the screen is at eye level. This works in concert with the panel (18” x 11″) that can be tilted to make the viewing free from glare, depending on the positioning of the light source(s). Working with both of these ensures a clear view to the screen as well as avoiding compromises having to be made to use the device. Add the fact that the aluminum construction is lightweight, although durable, and using the WorkEZ becomes the obvious better choice than going without.

But the WorkEZ also has added value when it’s a laptop that is being used. Laptops generate heat mostly through the battery when in use (some in greater amounts than others), so the aluminum construction by its very nature is able to absorb and dissipate some of that heat. But there’s a better way to keep the WorkEZ from making one’s lap feel warm — employ fans. So it does this by using a USB plug connected to a USB port on the laptop to power dual pairs of fans mounted in the surface (which is to say they are blowing up). Uncaged Ergonomics also looked ahead in the case of where the laptop is bereft of multiple USB ports by including a USB hub.

The WorkEZ Executive Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop/Tablet Stand retails for $59.99, comes in black or silver and folds up into a compact package when not being used. But be assured that it WILL be used by those who prefer alternate locations to sitting at a desk for using their laptops/tablets.

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