Go Hero With The Marvel Avengers Captain America Ozobot Evo Master Pack

Marvel Avengers Captain America Ozobot Evo Master Pack

In the old days of automobile manufacturing, a company would tout a new model by adding a different grill or changing the rear bumper to what they were selling last year. Nobody was fooled. Ozobot has stolen this 20th Century idea and turned it into 21st Century fun.  However before we get to what makes the Marvel Avengers Captain America Ozobot Evo Master Pack so cool, we have to look again into what makes the Ozobot Evo so unique.

The Ozobot Evo is a mini-robot, as in being only 1.25” tall. It’s able to move on its own and possesses internal technology to make its movements “smart.” The Evo wants to live in both the real world and the digital by interacting both physically as well as with apps on your phone or tablet (iOS/Android) so as to play games and perform tasks. So, for example, you can place the Evo on paper on which you have drawn colors so as to have it navigate (being the only “smart” robot to date that can do this). Or go digital and let the user code with colors or build block programs or play interactive games.

All this is good stuff for the young (and at heart) aspiring programmers/digital entertainment fans, but how to up the game, you ask? By enabling the Evo to “transform” from its secret identity as a smart robot into a Marvel Super Hero. Which is where the Master Pack comes into play: it comes with a Captain America “skin” that fits over the Evo akin to that of a really perfect Halloween costume. But just making the Evo look like Captain America (other skins being made available such as Black Widow and Hulk), is just the start of what you can do. And add to that a master pack with Iron Man for those more tech-inclined.

The action skin that Evo now has — make that the persona that Evo is now adapting —syncs in with a special app which has you joining the Stark Academy of Science and Technology. This furthers the mastering of STEM skills through the use of Evo competing missions in coding and creative thinking. And yeah, that does include being able to customize light, sound and behavior of your Super Hero. Plus chat, compete and complete missions with friends who have brought over their own Super Hero to play with.

The Marvel Avengers Captain America Ozobot Evo Master Pack retails for $124.00 and is geared for ages 8-99, although it’s never too soon to start a child on the road to the glorious digital future.

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