Fun And Feet Makes The Space Scooter Go

Space Scooter X580

Any form of transportation that relies for power on the person riding it has to be a lot more fun to be on. That’s why scooters have become so popular: they’re not just compact enough to be picked up and taken inside wherever you end up going, but also free of any fuel costs. But the act of getting a scooter to go can be tiring just because one foot has to be used to push the scooter along. Since the Space Scooter doesn’t work that way, maybe that’s why it’s so popular.

Available in two models — the Junior/X360 for ages 5-8 and the X580 for ages 8+ —the Space Scooter has a sleek shape that defines what a scooter should look like, and has a hand brake for a fast slowdown that seems perfectly natural for your hand to be resting on. Yet it doesn’t work like a conventional model does when it comes to getting you from point A to B. Unlike the others, you can keep both feet on the scooter and move them in a “teeter-totter” up and down motion called “Pump & Go” (sort of like riding both sides of a seesaw) that propels the scooter forward. It takes energy to do, which is good exercise, but avoids having to stick one foot out every few seconds. And while it takes a little bit of time to get your equilibrium and center-of-gravity balance attuned to this new approach, once that’s done moving along becomes an invigorating experience. So much so that you might never bother with using it in the conventional way (there being a simple adjustment to turn from foot-action to the pump-action way of moving).

Taking it from a folding position to upright costs about 2 minutes time and in many ways resembles the process of one of those unfolding bicycles. About the only tool needed is for tightening the handbrake so that its positioned on the handlebars is correct for the rider. Tabs and knurled knobs are used tighten and lock it into place.

Space Scooter also builds in accessibility through a folding design that enables it to be compacted for an easy carry, be that just to go down stairs, avoid a steep incline or enter an establishment. All this tech and convenience doesn’t come with any compromises because it’s fully ASTM compliant (American Society for Testing and Materials International). Beside air suspension, there’ even a wheel safety lock to keep the scooter from rolling back. And yeah, there’s a kickstand for keeping it upright when you’re not on it too but you plan to get back on soon.

The Space Scooter Junior retails for $99.00 and comes in blue or pink, while the Space Scooter X580 retails for $149.00, is rated for up to 200 lbs. and comes in a 10 color assortment (including a red-white-blue among the expected black, white, pink, etc.). Whichever model you or yours are getting on will find it one sweet ride.

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