Your TV Needs Sanus’ Premium Swivel TV Base



Sanus Premium Swivel TV Base

TVs have bigger screens than ever before, but that also makes them difficult to adjust once they’ve been plopped onto a cabinet or some other piece of furniture. This results in the people watching having to move themselves relative to the TV, while it’s the other way around that is supposed to happen. So Sanus’ Premium Swivel TV Base (WSTV1-B1) does the job for you. And it works in ways you might not expect.

The Premium Swivel TV Base goes one better than just being put upon: it attaches to the TV so that both become one stable unit. Then the TV (which can be any size from 32″ on up to 60″) can now swivel 20º in either direction. That’s a lot more traveling than found on standard TV bases that allow movement.  And thanks to its weight and design, this is one swiveling base that stays where it’s been placed, no tightening screws or tools needed, thank you.

To use it, first exercise your DIY (do-it-yourself) beginner-level skills because it’ll take about 20-30 minutes to do. To simplify, a pair of horizontal rods are attached to the back of the TV, which then attaches to a neck arrangement that goes into the swiveling base. Everything but conventional screwdrivers are provided, including the varying type screws that the back of the TV will need to connect to those rods. During the assembly, you can adjust the TV’s height so that a sound bar or other electronics can be placed beneath it or not, and a cable management system routes all the wiring behind and on to the wall outlet and AV Receiver, sound bar, etc.

Now that the TV is set up and staring at you, step back and view it from where you’ll be watching. Should it need it to more correctly “aim” at you, the Premium Swivel TV Base can be adjusted for a 5º tilt.

Sanus’ Premium Swivel TV Base is rated to handle TV weighing up to 60 lb. and has the added advantage of a shallow profile — meaning that furniture with a narrow top is no longer relegated to just holding odds and ends. The retail price is $149.99 and the color choice is black, period. That makes for it being unobtrusive in looks, but solid in what it does.

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