Protect Your Apple Watch With The Catalyst Case for 42mm Apple Watch Series 2

Catalyst Case for 42mm Apple Watch Series 2

Watches used to be so “dumb” that they were pretty much indestructible. But today’s smartwatches, while light years beyond what watches once could do, have so much tech working in them that it’s valid if not necessary to find a way to keep them protected during the stress of daily use. That means putting the smartwatches inside a case that will protect them without removing their usefulness. Many companies have tried, few have succeeded but the Catalyst Case for 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 not only protects the Apple Watch, but makes it look good while doing so.

The Catalyst Case is designed for a 42mm sized series 2 Apple Watch. So it’s not tiny by any means, yet it barely increases the physical dimensions of the Apple Watch once in use. Quite transparent, it’s a simple matter to install the Apple Watch inside, once the wrist strap has been removed. There’s no need for that strap because the Catalyst Case provides its own: made of a premium silicone construction, it is flexible and durable so as to be wrapped around the wrist and stay there. And thanks to glow-in-the-dark material, it’s not just easy to locate in the dark when you’re not wearing it, but kinda fun to wear when the lights go low.

So you’ve got the Catalyst Case on your wrist with the Apple Watch inside. Obviously Catalyst made sure the silicone seals are keeping out dust and dirt and that there there are no issues with it being connected via Bluetooth to your phone. But there’s a lot more working now that the eye can’t see. For one thing, military grade shock resistance and protection via a impact-resistant polycarbonate housing. Real-world that means dropping it to concrete or blacktop from 6 feet or less won’t have you screaming and tearing your hair out afterwards. Waterproofing is also beefed up, as in double that of the Apple Watch. So yes you can dive as deep as 330 feet (100 meters).  And thanks to a sensible design by people who actually understand what an Apple Watch is all about, tapping the touch screen works, as does all the other onboard controls like the rotating dial, side button, being able to charge it or use the heart rate monitor. Because if you just wanted it protected without being able to use it, it could have stayed in the night table drawer.

The Catalyst Case for 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 with the glow-in-the-dark strap retails for $69.99, and works exceedingly hard for that money. And while there those who decry having to do anything to an Apple Watch in order to render it more safe, those who prefer their Apple Watch continuing to function optimally will find it attractive.

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