Clean Your Bed With RAYCOP’S RS2 Allergen Vacuum


RAYCOP RS2 Allergen Vacuum

If you spend a lot of time in bed — and who doesn’t? — then you probably never think about the millions of dust mites that are sharing space with you. Sure they’re microscopic so they can’t be seen, but does it matter that they live on stuff flaking off from a person’s body? It should since their wastes promote allergies and other undesirable health issues. The choice used to be to just pretend they’re not there, but no longer now that RAYCOP’s RS2 Allergen Vacuum is here.

Now the idea of santiizing/cleaning the bed sounds good and washing the sheets and pillowcases regularly is obviously part of a good start. But you can’t wash a mattress or pillows. The RS2 takes care of that by doing the “washing” but it’s not about water and detergent, it’s about vacuum suction and disinfection. Of course in a perfectly safe way that doesn’t require bringing in a specialist. You’re going to take what is basically an ergonomic hand vacuum cleaner and go to town over the mattress and pillows. That’s what you do, but the RS2 does a lot more. Because in its compact form is found 1)pulsating pads to dislodge, 2)suction to grab, 3)ultraviolet light to sterilize and 4)a dual filtration system to hold what’s been gotten using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

The RS2 has a unique design that kind of looks like a shark fin: it’s slender where you need to hold it and widens out where it’s going about its business.  That business comes in 3 modes: Delicate, Normal and Heavy. Each mode requires being chosen first, then it’s up to you to make sure every inch of the mattress and pillows are worked over. Meanwhile a bristle brush is pulling up human and pet hair and if you lift the RS2 up while engaged, the UV light goes off. After some use, it’ll be time to remove the filter and replace it with a new one (an extra is included and filters are sold in groups of 3).

So if just thinking about what is lying in wait in your bed makes you feel itchy — good because health-wise a whole lot worse could be going on. The RS2 has been extracting 99.9% of virus, bacteria, pollen and house dust and doing it in barely a minute+ (after just a couple of seconds in the case of virus/bacteria). No excuses now, it comes with a long enough cord that a wall outlet is never too far off. Plus one shouldn’t ignore other fabrics that you mae contact with/get comfy with over time either (couch cushions, we’re talking about you).

Retailing for $349.99 and including a spare filter, cleaning brush and cloth, the RAYCOP RS2 Allergen Vacuum is one device designed for long-term use — the UV bulb is user replaceable even. And since it also does a number on other guys like e-coli, staphylococcus bacteria and the H1N1 virus, there’s no excuse for not making the RS2 a regular part of your household cleaning routine.

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