The New iPad Needs The Metropolis Series Case for the New iPad

The Metropolis Series Case for the New iPad

iPads and tablets in general are fairly durable. Durable but not rugged. Nobody thinks that dropping their tablet onto a hard floor is going to be laughed off either by the device’s external shell or internal parts. So that’s where a protective case comes to the rescue. But if you have the new iPad (2017 issue and called “iPad”) then there are several reasons why you’d better have Urban Armor Gear’s Metropolis Series Case for the New iPad.

The first and simplest reason is fit: the new iPad has changed dimensions as compared to its predecessors, and so the case is designed expressly fit it snugly. It envelops the iPad with a soft core interior that is backed up by a hard core exterior — between the two the tablet is safely held in position against vibration and shock. Through the composite construction, very little weight is added so there’s no complaints to generate from that. And why should there be any complaints when UAG has made sure it can be grabbed and held onto easily (via a tactile gripping material)? But should you drop it, the case has been rated to meet military drop-test standards. What that means in the real world is that the unexpected fall won’t cause the undesired, expensive repair results. Obviously there is reinforcement along the corners and edges, despite allowing access to the touchscreen and various ports/controls. Of course the touch screen is protected by the cover being closed over it.

There’s two specialities built into the case as well and both are useful. The first is an adjustable stand that is built in and so enables the iPad to stand up horizontally. There’s also a magnetic latch to aid in keeping the cover closed (over the touch screen).

The Metropolis Series Case for the New iPad does its job efficiently and effectively and comes in black, cobalt and red hues. It’s also a retail friendly $59.95.

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