Protection Comes With The ITG Plus Impossible Tempered Glass For 12.9” iPad Pro

ITG Plus Impossible Tempered Glass For 12.9” iPad Pro

The iPad Pro has many enviable features and size is part of that for sure. But lost in the adoration is that a naked touch-screen can’t avoid the possibility of being damaged – there’s Murphy’s law after all.  And between the chance of accidents and daily wear and tear, the odds of damaging the screen increase over time. So give the thumbs down to all that by covering the touch screen with Patchwork’s ITG Plus Impossible Tempered Glass For 12.9” iPad Pro.

Protecting the touch screen requires that what covers it is stronger than the screen as well as allowing taps to work through. The ITG Impossible Tempered Glass obviously doesn’t prohibit tapping away, but let’s focus in on its composition. A high-scratch resistant, tempered glass is what this is, with an oleophobic coating to minimize the smears and shmutz that can fill a screen. So how do you get it on the iPad Pro?

Putting the glass onto the iPad Pro is done in the conventional manner and actually is a bit easier to do because of its large size. You clean off the touch screen, removing dirt as well as any debre with a provided cleaning pad, give it a second to evaporate and place the iPad on a flat surface, face up. Remove the Impossible Tempered Glass from its protective package, handle it by the corners and place it onto the screen and make sure it’s properly aligned. What’s most noticeable is that you’re not getting those horrible bubbles that require using a squeegee for flattening. It has a higher optical nature than found in a pair of glasses and is 93.7% transparent, plus once properly positioned it stays on of its own volition and you will barely know it’s there. Obviously it adds very little weight overall, almost none to speak of.

The ITG Plus Impossible Tempered Glass For 12.9” iPad Pro retails for $45.99 and provides serious protection for the touch screen. Even if you keep the iPad Pro inside a case all the time — the screen will still have to be exposed when you want to use it. So now there’s a way to add an additional level of protection.

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