Chase Away Mosquitos With The Halo Repeller

Halo Repeller

Hanging out in the backyard or on a patio is part of what makes summer fun. The downside to that is that mosquitos also enjoy the summer months because they have a ready-made food source available: you. So many think the only recourse is to bring the mosquitoes within range and kill them with a “zapper.” But Thermacell thinks that keeping mosquitos away from you in the first place makes more sense. That’s why the Halo Repeller doesn’t need to be plugged into a wall outlet.

So the Halo is about as portable as you can get, which means placing it becomes much easier and more likely to go where you want on a table or a rock or even the ground (you don’t have to have an outlet within range of a power cord). Since the purpose is to keep mosquitoes away, there has to be some kind of technology working. Turns out there is — an odorless and invisible scent is being emitted which repels mosquitoes. The artificial scent is based on the natural repellent found in chrysanthemum plants., and contained in a saturated matt that lies inside the unit. The matt lies on a grill which itself is placed above the heat being generated by a butane cartridge. So you’re turning on the heat via the butane, which heats the grill and so causes the repellant on the Matt to fly free. Both the butane and matt are replaceable (the butane has a 48 hour use availability and the matt comes in a 4 hour or 12 hour reactivity), so it’s not like it’s a one time and then disposable use.  Turning it on just requires clicking a button, btw.

By doing this the Halo also removes the need for “cleaning up” the mosquitos because they never get near you — provided that you place yourself within the 15 X 15 foot range of effectiveness. And should you wish to move, obviously the Halo can move too so as to keep you within that range. A Zone Check system using batteries is built in to provide a visual indication that a “mosquito free” zone is working.

The Halo Repeller retails for $39.99, is DEET free and comes in white, gray or black/brown —obviously it works the same regardless of color scheme, but it’s nice to have the choice. Since all the mosquitos care about is that you’re there, so all you should care about is that the Halo Repeller is keeping them away.

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