Building Sunny The Robot and Friends Is Fun

Sunny the Robot

The Young Scientist Club is a company that knows two things: they know that building scientific-based toys requires intelligence of thought, and they also know that what they’re making must have appeal for the kid who is planned to be using it. Robots are all the rage so it’s not surprising that 4 new kits have been created to serve the purposes noted above. sunny the Robot and the other 3 kits are each designed for a child 8+ and retails for $29.99; meaning they’re designed for youngish children and priced attractively for parents.

Each kit is robot based and designed to “solve” a particular problem which is inherent in its name: Hurdle the Robot uses sensors to detect obstacles as it travels autonomously, with the ability to stop, back up and change direction; Infra the Robot waits till it receives an infrared (IR) signal from any remote control (cable box, DVD player, etc.) before becoming active and moving about; Sunny the Robot moves once it receives artificial and natural light signals Metali the Robot moves about and buzzes (plus lights up) when it comes in contact with metal objects.

The kits are attractively boxed and provides a detailed look on the back as to what is involved in assembling and using the robot. They also reassure the parent that 1)the kit is safe, 2)the kit doesn’t require a ridiculous amount of time or frustration for parent or child and 3)can be easily and competently assembled. The front of the box of course features the robot in all its glory of course. Upon opening the box, the child (and parent) will discover a double-sided 24×24″ sheet doubling as an instruction manual and activity poster (those parents who prefer “seeing” how to do things can check out the online tutorial in advance so as to to be a “hero” to their child if/when questions are asked). The actual robot itself is assembled from a series of components which include a motor, computer module, gears and the chassis (body).

With 3rd graders (and up) in mind, the Sunny the Robot, Infra the Robot, Hurdle the Robot and Metali the Robot help in bringing STEM subjects — technology and engineering — to mind. The process is simplified by bringing the basics of these disciplines home through the fun subject of robots. It’s never too soon to learn, but through these kits the process is just so much more fun.

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